3 Things I Learned from UFC 136

So, yeah, that happened. And my rant/predictions were mostly off. Mostly. So what did I learn?

1. Never underestimate the established talent in the UFC.
Kenny Florian took it to Jose Aldo and for the second time, Aldo had a fight on his hands. Joe Lauzon finished Melvin Guillard. Sonnen walked right through Stann. Edgar finished Maynard, for cryin’ out loud! All things I had very wrong.

*Note: all of these guys are established UFC fighters. I’m not talking about newbies to the UFC or old, grizzled veterans. (I’m lookin’ at you, Wandi)

2. These UFC guys… they’re pretty good a putting a card together
With all of the changes to fight cards that often occur because of injury, the matchmaker at the UFC (Joe Silva) does an incredible job putting together fight cards that not only pit relatively equal opponents against each other, but also provide entertaining fights. After watching Jimmo vs. Sokoudjou fight for the MFC belt (well, fight may be too strong a word), UFC 136 really brought it: all of the fights were good. Even the prelims.

3. You might think you know… you don’t know. (and by “you” I mean me)
I was pretty certain of my predictions going into this event. There was no way in my mind that after 14 months off and with the last-second choke-forcing-tap still fresh on his mind (it’s almost all he talks about), that Chael Sonnen could beat Brian Stann, let alone dominate him like he did. Florian? No way he could put up a competitive fight against Aldo. Lauzon: His head was gonna spin around like the Exorcist. All totally and completely wrong. Could I have been right? Could things have turned out differently with a lucky punch landed here or there? Sure. But that’s why they have fights.

Sure, these are more “reminders” than anything else. Have I learned my lesson? Will I no longer stick my neck out with predictions? Hell, no! Sure, I’ll be a little more careful with what I say, but I’m not gonna let a little thing like reality get in my way when I’m ranting! We’re here to have fun, after all!