A good Legalize MMA in NY video

What the F23K New York? Seriously, what is going on with you? MMA and the UFC specifically would bring in 10’s of millions of dollars if not 100’s of millions of dollars. How much tax revenue could that create? How many jobs would that create? We are talking gyms, clothing brands, promotions running small shows weekly/monthly and all of the industry that comes with MMA, we are talking about lots of money and a few thousand jobs, maybe more. I’m sure the UFC would set up an office in NYC, I’m sure Bellator and MFC would run regular shows there and I could go on and on. This nonsens about the brutality of the sport and the Culinary Unions campaign are nonsense. Watch this well put together video and rise up people, let NY know we want MMA in the state, now.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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