Alexis Davis will be back

Alexis_Davis_175_150x150Alexis Davis is an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist. She has earned black belts in both Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jistsu, is a Canadian Open Grappling Champion, in addition to her 16-7 record in MMA after last night, in which she finished 2 opponents by KO and 7 by submission.

I feel the need to establish this up front because if you only saw her fight with Ronda Rousey at UFC 175, you might think she was accidentally plucked from a ring card girl audition for the bout.

Perhaps that’s a little harsh. She did catch Ronda with a solid strike, and showed a fearless willingness to engage during the 16 second loss. But she got knocked totally senseless in the process by Rousey.

MMA can be like that: even the best “just get caught” sometimes. And make no mistake: Alexis Davis has a place alongside the best in the UFC in her weight class.

I don’t know if being Canadian helps (every Canadian I know seems to have a great perspective on life’s trials and tribulations), but in the post-fight press conference, Davis was asked about the fight and gave the best possible answer—the one you want to hear from a true fighter:

“Obviously (there’s) a lot going through my head right now… What are you going to do—there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t do that I wanted to do… even my movement-wise… you learn from your mistakes—you get back up and keep fighting.”

Exactly. You get back up and keep fighting. I’m looking forward to seeing Alexis Davis fighting again soon.