ALFA Fighters Open The Show At BAMMA USA Badbeat 3

Commerce Casino played host to BAMMA USA’s Badbeat 3 event on Saturday, August 20th and the first half of the night consisted of Amateur League Fighting Association (ALFA) fighters showcasing their skills.

This clearly wasn’t the smoky back-room amateur cagefighting you’ve seen on film, but rather high-quality action-packed kinetic bouts, one after the other in rapid succession… The room was packed, with groups of people there to cheer on their fighters and MMA fans there to see some action. Since the ALFA fights were the preliminary card of the evening, you might think that BAMMA USA would put less production into them and while I can’t speak for the fighter ready-rooms, there seemed to be no shortchanging of these bouts compared to the main card. Every fighter got a walk-out, the matches were displayed on screens throughout the hall so everyone could see everything (including solid multi-camera direction, plus all bouts were filmed in 3-d) and they delivered a strong card of fights!

The evening opened with hometown favorite David Bernal facing Edgar Gonzalez. After a good-looking snappy front kick by Bernal, Gonzalez got the takedown. Bernal tried a guillotine, but Gonzalez escaped and got full mount. Ground and pound followed, as did TKO stoppage by the ref at 24 seconds into the first round. We at MMA Rants Today feel this was a quick stoppage, as most of the G&P fell onto the gloves and forearms of Bernal. Although he was mounted, he didn’t appear to be in any danger. We would have liked to have seen more from this bout.
Winner: Edgar Gonzalez

Next up Adam Nolasco took on Casey Fazzio. Nolasco got the quick takedown, shook off a guillotine attempt by Fazzio and his G&P won him the round. Round two started with Nolasco pushing Fazzio up against the cage, taking him down with a nice double-leg and getting Fazzio’s back. After a bit of struggle, Nolasco slipped his hands into a rear-naked choke, forcing Fazzio to tap at 1:22 of round 2.
Winner: Adam Nolasco

Jeff Underwood was matched up against Clifford Anderson-Bergman next and after a few seconds of crisp striking, got him against the cage, applied an impressive standing guillotine and got the tap at 48 seconds of round one.
Winner: Jeff Underwood

At this point in the evening, they took a break from the action for a memorial 10 count in memory of Shawn Tompkins. The crowd, which up until and after this point had been rowdy, loud and active very respectfully grew silent to mark the passing of this remarkable trainer and proponent of MMA.

Women’s MMA was represented in the form of a bout between local favorite Rachel Cummins and Jennifer Lou. Rachel came out like a shot, attacking Jennifer with flurries of punches and looked like she would dominate the match. Lou got the takedown and they rolled until Cummins kicked Lou away and got back up. Lou got close, they rolled again and Lou got an arm-bar, forcing a visibly disappointed Cummins to tap at 1:27 of the first round.
Winner: Jennifer Lou

Robert Pelayo Jr. and Jose “The Polar Bear” Gonzalez were next to enter the cage, fighting in the heavyweight division. MMA is often described as “the closest sanctioned thing to a street fight” and this bout was more like a brawl than any other fight on the card. Robert Pelayo Jr. is a freestyle fighter, which is a fancy way of saying he flat-out brawls. Gonzalez displayed some training and the pair exchanged knees to the groin before Pelayo’s smothering style got the TKO 28 seconds into round two.
Winner: Robert Pelayo Jr.

The final ALFA match of the evening pitted Jim “Wolverine” Mendez against local favorite Christopher “The Buffalo” Schommer in another heavyweight bout. It was Mendez’ amateur debut, and proved to be one to learn from, as Schommer overwhelmed him early, took his back, took him down and got the arm-bar submission at 1:02 of the first round.
Winner: Christopher Schommer

All in all, a great card was put on by ALFA. You can find good amateur MMA in your area: go out and support these athletes as they compete!