All Ramped Up…

While the world doubts him and rumors fly that he’s washed up…Rampage Jackson is busting his butt in a Denver gym. While columnists write about him being the underdog in the UFC 135 against Jon Jones…Rampage Jackson is practicing his Muay Thai. While MMA fans tweet, talk, and Facebook that he’s overrated…Rampage Jackson is in an oxygen chamber prepping his body to give them a fight worthy of their $50 for the PPV.

No one likes to be talked about poorly, especially when giant egos are involved; therefore, being overlooked may just win Jackson this fight. Jones has essentially beaten everyone like a 15-year-old boy beats…well, you get my point, but when he comes out with, “…the guy does the same thing in every fight…” comments, one would have to worry about how serious he’s taking his opponent.

This reporter’s opinion is Jones wants Silva, and he’s underestimating the power of Jackson, especially, following another great Jones comment, “I don’t think he [Jackson] is as powerful as you think he is. All he seems to be interested in is “top” and “bottom,” which shouldn’t be turning me on, but well, again, you get my point!