American Fighter the movie?

Isn’t Kevin James already making this movie? It’s called Here Comes The Boom, starring Kevin James with Bas Rutten, Joe Rogan and a ton of other MMA fighters?

I like Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin, I hated seeing him destroyed by Anderson Silva 2x’s. It was gut wrenching, I watch him at 205, I liked watching him at 185.

Aside from the obvious part of him being a high school teach who won the MW belt, (aren’t Warrior and Here Comes the Boom very similar?) what makes his story more compelling than say a Forrest Griffin, Rampage Jackson, or Captain America himself, Randy Coture? Matt Hamil has a truly inspiring story, I’m looking forward to his movie. Good on RIch Franklin, they had to pay him for his story, there’s no downside in that. I just can’t see what makes him the next candidate for a bio pic. Maybe there is some incredible adversity Rich has faced I am unfamiliar with, which could be very likely.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Eric Eisner’s Double E Pictures and Motion Theory have optioned the life rights to Franklin’s story, and set David Hollander (The Cleaner, The Guardian) to pen the script.

“I’m excited to see the story of my career as a fighter brought to the screen, and I feel confident that the team assembled will do a great job in telling this story,” Franklin said.

A family man and high school math teacher, Franklin taught himself mixed martial arts, and quickly emerged as one of the most dominant figures in the sport.

American Fighter also will chronicle the transformation of mixed martial arts into a billion-dollar industry.

Unless Rich Franklin has total creative control over said movie, chances are it will suck. Hollywoods version of MMA has been pretty poor, with the exception of Warrior and Hamil, both of which were independently funded and completed without major studio input. American Fighter may turn out more like Rocky 26 than the real life it’s base upon.

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Anthony Dominguez
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