Anderson Silva gets real for once

Did you watch TUF:Brazil online or are you waiting for it to play out on Fuel TV? If you are just now starting to watch it, then quit reading, spoiler alert. Okay, that’s done. Near the end of the season (episode 9) Anderson Silva shows up to give the guys on Wand’s team a pep talk. Cool right? The biggest MMA star in Brazil stops by to say hi, the fighters are in awe, it’s kinda cool to see that.

That’s not the good part, the good part is when Anderson is talking to Wand about the upcoming fight with Vitor (this is before Vitor broke his hand) and Anderson seems to forget that he’s on camera and the audio is being recorded, for a brief moment, he gets real. See the transcript below.

From TUF: Brazil (translated):

Wanderlei Silva: “Help me out here… You’ve already studied everything, right?”

Anderson Silva: “I know his weakness, he can’t step back. He’s a coward, you know? Really go for it… Hey, I still have the microphone here. ***laughs bending over*** The whole world will know. Nah, hold on a minute. I’m not telling any lies. Everyone knows. Do you see what they did to his photo? They forgot to write cutie underneath.”

Once Anderson is informed/realizes he’s being recorded he looks a little freaked, then he regains his composure and sticks by his previous statement, it’s a real ‘reality TV moment’ that i enjoyed watching over and over, you should too if it doesn’t get cut out of the US broadcast. Anderson always seems guarded and ‘fake’ to me, starting with his English, which is quite good, that he refuses to speak or acknowledge that he speaks. Until recently that is, he found his English for the Sonnen fight coming up, money will do that to a person. His media persona is just a bit fakey/weird for me, I like to see the real Anderson Silva, I bet he’s a real blast.

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