Another Look at Combat Jiu Jitsu

In just a few hours, U of MMA will be in the thick of another event at Club Nokia in LA. The features of this event will be their welterweight and heavyweight finals. But for a number of us, the real story will be getting another look at Combat Jiu Jitsu.

Developed with Eddie Bravo, Combat Jiu Jitsu can be best explained as MMA without the standing striking or leg strikes.

It’s famously been said that a BJJ black belt becomes a brown belt once punched in the face. Combat Jits, by allowing punches, helps to, well, combat this tendency.

One of the main problems BJJ practitioners have when entering an MMA cage is dealing with striking while plying their craft. They can be the most skilled on the ground, but that won’t take them very far if they can’t deal with punches.

Through Combat Jiu Jitsu, fighters can develop their ground game and prepare for full blown MMA with a greater chance of success.

Of course, they’re also going to need to beef up their stand-up, but there are traditional coaches for that.

The last U of MMA event I attended was very entertaining and action-packed. They’re another example of the kind of MMA promotion that does the sport proud. If you’re in the LA area, get down to the Staples Center (well, across the street) and witness this for yourself. You won’t regret it.