UFC 162 is finally here! It’s been a long time coming. Anderson Silva is gonna defend his title again! History is in the making. If Weidman defeats Silva, it will be a huge upset (don’t believe the hype, he is a huge underdog) and if Silva destroys Weidman, where does he go next? Jones? Roy Jones Jr.? Or does he keep destroying the MW division? I don’t care, I just want to see him do Matrix type sh!t in the Octagon™. 

Also on the card is Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira, that match up intrigues me as does Munoz and Boetsch, Swanson and Siver, Barboza and Rafaello Oliveira (I get the Oliveira’s mixed up) and finally Leben vs Craig. I don’t care about Kennedy, Gracie or Gonzaga and Herman, not sure what they do for anyone in their division. I expect this card to be exciting and fun. I’m only invested in Swanson, Munoz and Leben, so only a little pressure.

It’s Friday night and I’m deep in the Sailor Jerry Rum, so read accordingly.


Middleweight Anderson Silva (c) vs Chris Weidman
Anderson Silva is the GOAT, it’s a fact. Fedor is a GOAT, it’s a fact. Weidman is the young gun with all the pressure. I will be very surprised if Weidman is ready for the pressure a title fight against Silva entails, for me, this fight comes down to experience, Silva has it Weidman doesn’t. I expect  Silva to feel out the first half of the round then finish Weidman to send a message to the world, that message is ‘It’s time for a superfight’.  Silva by T/KO in the 1st. 

Featherweight Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira is an amazing submission expert, his big losses have come by T/KO to the Donald Cerrone at 155 and Cub Swanson at 145, where he’s fighting now. I don’t think Frankie Edgar has the 1 punch power of Cub or Cerrone, which makes me believe Oliveira will pull out the win. Especially since Edgar can’t get into 5th gear until the 7th or 8th round. But you can never count Frankie out in a rematch, becasuse every Frankie Edgar fight is a rematch! Charles Oliveira by Decision.

Middleweight Tim Kennedy vs Roger Gracie
I don’t care at all about this fight, none, nein, zilch, absolutely nadda! Tim Kennedy is a fun fighter to watch, Roger Gracie is, whatever. I’m expecting Kennedy to KO Roger Gracie at some point. Tim Kennedy by T/KO in 1,2nd or 3rd round. 

Middleweight Mark Muñoz vs Tim Boetsch
Mark Munoz is in absolute beast mode right now. He went from 261lbs of walking diabetes to 199lbs of philipino wrecking machine. He looked fantastic at weigh ins, Tim Boetsch is in for a long hard war. Munoz should work his takedowns early and look for a GnP finish. Boetsch will likely look for to keep it standing and throw bombs for the T/KO, I don’t think he will have the gas Munoz will, and that’s gonna be the key. Mark Munoz by dominant decision.

Featherweight Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver
Cub Swanson is on an absolute tear right now, he’s the #2 contender on my list next to Ricardo Llamas, if Llamas didn’t get the title fight with Aldo, Swanson should have. The Korean Zombie doesn’t deserve the shot yet, in 1-2 fights he would. Llamas and Cub deserve it now. This is gonna be the hardest fight of Cub’s UFC career, Siver is crazy strong, determined and well rounded with great cardio. Cub’s not just gonna walk through him. Cub will have to use his length and superior striking to keep Siver at bay, looking or the T/KO in the 3rd. But it will probably be Cub Swanson by Decision.


Middleweight Chris Leben vs Andrew Craig
I once stalked Chris Leben through an airport, it was right after the TUF Finale, he was pretty freaked out that I recognized him, it was a weird deal. I didn’t actually stalk him but it appeared that way because everywhere I went in the airport, he was already there, very awkward. With that said, I’m an OG Leben fan. Andrew Craig is the new Leben, there is no denying that. This fight hurts my brain. I like Craig, but I don’t want him to defeat Leben. This fight will come down to who has the better head movement and cardio. If they just stand and trade, either one is going down. I’m gonna go with Chris Leben by T/KO in the 2nd because, yeah.

Lightweight Edson Barboza vs Rafaello Oliveira
Edson Barboza, because he is a Barboza, and you don’t f23k with a Barboza. Edson Barboza by Decision.