Are we ‘over’ Overeem?

US PRESSWIRE SportsA couple of years ago, the hypetrain was all about Alistair Overeem. You’d have thought he was the next coming of Fedor, the way people were clamoring to get him into the UFC.

Now that he’s been here awhile, we’ve got some fights against UFC opponents to measure him against and the results are that he’s pretty damn good. Not world-beating, as anticipated, but clearly in the upper-mid echelon of the UFC heavyweight ranks.

As he faces off against Frank Mir in what appears to be an odd mismatch, as long as Overeem can keep it on the feet, one has to wonder what happens next?

Expectations were set very high and his early fights seemed to set him on a solid course to the belt, but he’s come down to earth after losing his last two fights, against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Travis Browne.

Is the Overeem hypetrain off the rails? Are we ‘over’ Alistair Overeem?

There has been some speculation that a loss against Mir would mean being cut by the UFC, but I just don’t see that happening automatically. Overeem is still a better fighter and bigger draw than most of the heavyweights on the roster, and the UFC needs “stars”…

I’ll admit, I’m really looking forward to Mir vs. Overeem. Partly because I think it’ll be a big win by the ‘reem, partly because there’s something about Frank Mir getting smashed that is appealing to the dark side of my soul, but mostly to see what happens post-fight, when it’s Zuffa decision time—I think we’ll know a lot more about how Overeem’s standing in the organization then.

And if he loses, I think it’s fair to say the Overeem hypetrain ride is close to… over.