Arianny Celeste is a pop star too?

Arianny, Arianny, Arianny…what can we say? Get your hustle on girl, don’t quit makin that money and chasin those stars.

Arianny Celeste, the main girl with the ring card over at the UFC is setting her sights on the recording industry. You can check out her lastest single here . Be warned, it’s not for everybody. A few of us over here are really into the whole electronic music scene (ahem, Jimmy) but we aren’t even sure if this is his type of music. It’s not bad, it’s right there with most everything we’ve heard in this genre, for the most part. It’s a bit dated for our tastes, but we feel it’s a good start and expect to hear more and more from the beautiful Arianny. Let us know what you think, and remember, she has feelings too. 

Rumble young man Rumble