Badbeat 5! BAMMA USA Brings the Heat!

BAMMA USA always throws great events and Badbeat 5 at the Commerce Casino was no exception. Marking the return of Joker Guyman (and his debut at lightweight), the house was packed and the crowd was excited as the fighters took the cage for a packed nine-fight card.

Here’s what went down:

Bout #1
Gil Guardado vs Chris Costello, Lightweights
Both men sought to make a statement in the first round. They exchanged aggressively and really showed no backing down. Guardado fought hard to get the takedown, first pushing Costello against the cage and then working with knees and finally getting the double-leg. After a brief stint on Costello’s back with one hook in, Costello was able to shake him off and they returned to their feet. The striking was pretty even from there, with Costello pushing the pace and stuffing a late takedown attempt.

The second round began with some good stand-up from both guys. On their feet, they seem pretty evenly matched, although Costello seems to have an advantage kicking. Guardado must have some Judo in his training background, he completed a nice throw that ended with Costello face down on the mat taking punishment from the relentless pounding of Guardado. Ref stepped in to save Costello at the 2:21 mark of R2..
Winner: Gil Guardado, TKO (Ref Stoppage)

2nd Bout:
Brandon Anderson vs. Eric Brown, Lightweights
10 seconds in, Brandon Anderson picks up Eric Brown to slam him, and Brown, in the air, goes for the guillotine, gets it. Nice!
20 seconds in, Brandon Anderson taps. Guillotine choke.
Winner: Eric Brown, Guillotine Choke Submission

3rd Bout:
Jason Carbajal vs. Bobby Sanchez, Flyweights
Jason Carbajal came out to put on a show. Bobby Sanchez was not impressed. Carbajal threw up a nice roundhouse headkick that missed and sent him to the mat. Sanchez looked at him, let him get up and when Carbajal came forward, Sanchez shot, grabbed him, lifted him up and slammed him down. Sanchez was looking good on top but unfortunately got caught in a triangle. That moment when you collapse because you’re caught in a triangle choke. Yeah. That.
In the post-fight interview, Carbajal said his rib broke from a strike. Tough guy.
Winner: Jason Carbajal, Triangle Choke Submission (3:05 of Round One)

4th Bout:
Ismael Gonzalez vs. Joe Condon, Lightweights
Ismael Gonzalez is a dynamic striker. You can tell by his stance, his mobility, his spinning kicks… Unfortunately, he was just not able to get off tonight. Joe Condon seems to have presented him with either so many possibilities for striking that Gonzalez just can’t decide how to strike, or Condon’s style is baffling Gonzalez. They circle, they jab, they pull back. Still, through the first two rounds, it seems that Gonzalez has the slight advantage in striking.

Gonzalez came out on fire for the opening of the 3rd round, really going after Condon. Unfortunately, his let got caught by Condon and he got dumped, with Condon coming down on him. For the majority of the round, Condon controlled Gonzalez, tried a few submissions and ended the round on top.
Winner: Joe Condon, Split Decision

5th Bout
Chris Beal vs. Jose Morales, Bantamweights
After the last bout, you would think these guys were flyweights!  Both guys putting good work in. Very active fighters. Beal has the heavier hands but isn’t landing as much as Morales. However, Beal just dropped two low blows within about a minute and a half, with the second one looking pretty strong. However, Morales recovered quickly and came back out aggressively. His takedown attempt thwarted he found himself being slammed by Beal, who showed devastating ground and pound.
Winner: Chris Beal, TKO (Ref Stoppage at 4:45 of first round)

6th Bout
Mychal Clark vs. Josh Bennet, Heavyweights
How to describe Josh Bennet’s fighting style? “Classic Bully” comes close. He’s a big dude, not at all ripped, and clearly has a sense of humor, using “Sexy & I Know It” as his walk-in music. Spent his time in the ring mocking Clark, making sure to let him know his strikes weren’t hurting him, taunting and raising his hands up in a victory pose, just before getting knocked the F23K OUT!

Sure, it was an elbow that put Bennet down, but, really, it was reality that hit him.
Winner: Mychal Clark, TKO (Strikes, Ref Stoppage)

7th Bout
Shad Smith vs. Chad George, featherweights
Shad vs. Chad. This bout should’ve taken place in Florida. In November of 2000. OK, that’s outta the way.

Shad Smith’s nickname is “The American Badass” and he wears American flag shorts. He makes the announcer say he is “representing the United States of America” in his intro. Tea Party fighter?

Chad George, on the other hand, comes from farther away (Sacramento vs Smith’s San Bernardino) but has more, or more vocal, fans in attendance. A solid fighter, George pretty easily took Smith down and one D’arce choke later, takes the fight.
Winner: Chad George, D’arce Choke Submission at 1:56 of round one

8th Bout
Scott Catlin vs. Gabe Ruediger, Lightweights
First round, Catlin’s standup looks good. Landed a few shots. Ruediger looked slow until he got the takedown. Reudiger controlled Catlin on the ground, getting his back and controlling Catlin on the ground. Body triangle is applied, and some good ground and pound landed, but Reudiger can’t seal the deal.

Round two, Catlin uses his quicker hands to knock Reudiger down and several strikes from top position later, the Ref steps in…

After the fight, Catlin let the crowd know that this might have been his last. He cited strain on his family and age as well as a possibly re-broken hand as reasons to step away from the cage.
Winner: Scott Catlin, TKO (Ref stoppage, strikes, at 36 seconds of R2)

9th Bount: Main Event
Cris Leyva vs. Mike “Joker” Guymon, Lightweights
There were a lot of questions around Joker’s return to the cage. Where would his head be? How would the weight cut to lightweight affect him? At 10-3, Cris Leyva’s no slouch: how would Joker fare against a fast fighter who’s gunning for him?

We got some answers, as Joker came out in round one looking to engage with Leyva, land some punches and attempting takedowns, but Leyva had his own gameplan to follow, stuffing Joker’s attempts to bring the fight to the ground while striking effectively, buckling Joker twice with punches. Both men took punishment and used up a lot of energy in the first round.

How would Joker deal with adversity? The second round began with Joker being the aggressor and finally taking Leyva down. Knees to the body and fists flying down, controlling Leyva on the mat and pummeling him led the ref to stop the bout, giving Joker the hard-fought victory.

A fan favorite, Joker was very humble in his post-fight comments. I think we’ll be seeing Joker in the cage again before too long…
Winner: Mike “Joker” Guymon, TKO at 4:10 of R2 from Strikes

With that, the evening ended. It was a fun night of MMA action. BAMMA USA delivers! Look for Badbeat 6 on May 25th and come down to witness it for yourself!