BAMMA USA’s been putting on great MMA events for a while now, and their ninth “Badbeat” event was no exception. Filling the showroom at the Commerce Casino, they not only delivered a strong card with several great fights, the night also brought the professional fighting career of former UFC vet and WEC Champ Gabe Reudiger to an end. More on that below… First, the fights!

Bad Beat 9 opened with three fights of three, three-minute rounds.

Fight one: Reshan Sabaratnam vs. Tommy Gavin, Featherweights
Round One: Sabaratnam has a good ground game, and spent the first round dominating on top. At one point he was close to exploiting a mounted crucifix, but the short round rescued Gavin.
Round Two: More of the same as Sabaratban got on top and was working his ground game until Gavin was able to create a scramble. It wasn’t effective though, because S was able to get on top and end the fight with strikes.
Winner: Reshan Sabaratnam, TKO (strikes)

Fight Two: Chris Costello vs. Matt Bahngte, Lightweights
Round One: These guys are very evenly matched and they are both solid strikers. They trade punches, while Bahngte exhibits more exotic kicking skills. Costello is solid in that department too, and his leg kicks meet their target frequently. The round is a tough one to judge, as Costello forced a Bahngte to stumble back with his outside leg kick while Bahngte got Costello in a Muay Thai clinch towards the end of the round.
Round Two: Although they are both going for it, Banhgte seems to be getting the best of the action in this round, and gets a takedown at the end of the round.
Round Three: Costello gets taken down and it looks like he’s going to be submitted as Bahngte gets his back and attempts to sink in a choke, but Costello works out of it and comes back with a vengeance, landing several powerful rights to Banghte’s head against the cage. I would hate to be a judge on this fight!
Winner: Chris Costello, Split Decision

Fight Three: Luis Iniguez vs. Nick Jordan, Featherweights
Round One: They waste little time going to the ground and Jordan gets the early advantage. Although threatened several times, Iniguez is able to fend of submission attempts and gets out of the three-minute round.
Round Two: Jordan has a plan, and getting Iniguez down is it. Working his plan, he dominates Iniguez on the ground and comes close to a ref stoppage at the end of the round, as he mounts Iniguez (for the second time in the round) and lands punches.
Round Three: Iniguez isn’t quitting: in spite of Jordan’s success in the first two rounds, he battles through and is able to get position against Jordan a few times in the round. Ultimately, though, Jordan has him outmatched and the round ends with Jordan getting the better of the action.
Winner: Nick Jordan, Unanimous Decision

Fight Four: Terrion Ware vs. Bobby Sanchez, 130 lb. Catchweight
Round One:
Ware comes out showing quick hands to Sanchez, but it is a kick that ends the bout. As Sanchez was shooting in for a single-leg takedown, Ware catches him with a knee to the head that drops Sanchez, and Ware is quick to pounce and finish the fight with a couple of quick fists to the downed Sanchez.
Winner: Terrion Ware, KO (46 seconds)

Fight Five: Marvin Madariaga vs. Eric Winston, Bantamweights
Round One: These guys don’t waste any time as Madariaga rushes out to Winston and lands a solid punch, getting Winston against the cage. He takes Winston down, tries to stand up over him, but Winston gets him in a heel-hook and uses that two bring Madariaga down and get top position. It is short-lived though, as Madariaga gets back up and they stand. It seems that Madariaga is the better striker of the two, and Winston works to get the takedown. They roll and Winston exhibits a good ground game. The round ends with the men locked up on the ground.
Round Two: Madariaga comes out looking to strike and lands a solid punch but Winston closes the distance quickly and takes the fight to the ground. Madariaga gets Winston in a guillotine choke but Winston survives and escapes. As they scramble, Winston seizes a tiny window for a belly-down arm bar and submits Madariaga.
Winner: Eric Winston, Submission (arm bar)

Fight Six: Sevak Magakian vs. Eric Brown, Lightweights
Round One: Right off the bat, Magakian looks for a takedown, and shortly after the bell rings to start the fight, he gets his opportunity, and goes for a heel-hook. But Brown quickly stops traying to escape and starts working on a heel-hook of his own. “Starts” is probably the wrong word, because almost as soon as he begins, he achieves the submission. I can’t verify this, but I’m pretty sure that “heel hook ME?!? HEEL HOOK YOU!: was overheard coming from the cage…
Winner: Eric Brown, Submission (Heel Hook)

Fight Seven: Scott Catlin vs. Gabe Ruediger, 160 lb. Catchweight
This is Ruediger’s ‘retirement fight’ and after a strong but sometimes inconsistent career, he has announced that he’s ready to call it quits. One has to wonder, as he makes his final walk to the cage, will he savor the moment, and will that affect his focus in the bout?
Round One: The two circle and strike. Ruediger gets a single-leg but isn’t able to hold Catlin down. He controls Catlin against the cage, landing punches over the top as they work their way around the cage. They separate, and in the stand-up Catlin lands the harder punches, while Ruediger answers with punches and leg kicks.
Round Two: Catlin comes at Ruediger and they continue striking while they work their way around the cage. Ruediger gets Catlin down, exploits top position and softens Catlin up with punches until he’s able to work into an arm bar and end the bout.
Winner: Gabe Ruediger, Submission (arm bar)

Post-fight, to much applause, Ruediger made a short few comments about his career, thanking his friends and family (and sponsors) and officially retiring, to much applause. Also, after Ruediger left the cage, his opponent also retired, commenting on his less-storied career and about the sport. It was the rare double-retirement!

Fight Eight: Justin Linn vs. Chris Culley, 150 lb. Catchweight
Round One: Both guys are active strikers, and they stalk each other and erupt into quick flurries of activity until Culley gets put up against the cage by Lunn, who works for a single-leg. Culley’s sprawl is good, and while he’s being held against the cage, he cuts Linn’s head with a few elbows. They are separated by the ref and exchange, with Culley getting the better of the stand-up. Blood making it’s way down both sides of Linn’s head, they lunge at each other when the bell sounds. The ref separates them, but they both push back, wanting to go at each other. I have a good feeling that round two will be entertaining.
Round Two: Linn gets the first good strike off when his foot slaps Culley’s face in a high kick, but Culley answers back with a kick to the midsection. Culley counter strikes well, and switches it up well too, catching Linn a few times. Linn lands a good knee to Culley’s stomach against the cage and holds him there, but they have enough separation that Culley is able to land a solid knee and punch while being held. Linn lands some knees of his own, to Culley’s thigh and gets reversed. Culley lands a decent short elbow but Linn uses the opportunity to reverse and put Culley against the cage. They fight for hand control but get separated again. Linn moves forward throwing punches, but Culley has great head movement and gets in a counter  jab as the bell sounds.
Round Three: Both men move to the center of the cage confidently and Culley lands a kick. Linn moves forward, lunging in and throwing punches but Culley evades and counters. Culley isn’t moving forward as often as Linn, but when he does, he’s effective. Linn is breathing heavily, and Culley is quicker. Culley takes advantage of his speed advantage and does a little showboating. After dodging several strikes (both kicks and punches), Culley grabs Linn’s head and lands several knees. They separate and trade. Culley’s very confident and leaves his hands down while he dances. Linn is still in this fight, and keeps coming forward. Linn takes a punch coming in but gets Culley against the cage and is holding him there as the round ends.
Winner: Chris Culley, Unanimous Decision

Fight Nine: Ernest Chavez vs. Jorge Valdez, Lightweights

Round One: Some guys are fast starters and some take a few moments to kick into gear. Jorge Valdez would be a fast starter, coming out off the bat and getting Chavez into a flying arm bar attempt. It would be one of several submissions thrown up by Valdez. Chavez got out of the hold and was able to fight through all of the attempts, including a triangle that looked good and one of a few arm bars that looked like it was moments from ending the bout. In top position, Chavez landed some solid ground and pound but seemed to punch himself out about two-thirds through the round. He escaped the round but might be too exhausted to keep fighting them off for much longer.
Round Two: Instant guillotine attempt by Valdez, pulling Chavez down. Chavez got out and  spent the round on top, but he spent it fighting off Elbows from below and Valdez’ attempts to control him and throw up submissions. It’s rare that someone wins a round from bottom position, but a case could be made that Valdez just did…
Round Three: Both men seem interested in displaying their stand-up skills, and Valdez is effective at using his reach advantage to keep Chavez at bay and land quick but not very powerful strikes… until he isn’t and Chavez catches him moving to his left and drops him with a right hook. Going to the ground, Chavez lands a few strikes but i almost cought in an arm bar and backs away, allowing Valdez to stand up. As they move around the cage, Valex pulls guard, but Chavez isn’t having it and backs away. This would happen again, and this time Chavez follows Valdez down and lands many effective strikes, forcing the ref to save Valdez.
Winner: Ernest Chavez, TKO (strokes)

Fight Ten: Ronald Lebreton Jr. vs. Mikey Gomez, Middleweights
Round One: They come out, clash and clinch. Gomez utilizes a throw to take Lebetron down and ends up in side control.. Getting Lebetron in a head lock, but without enough torque to get the tap, Gomez used Lebetron’s attempt to scramble out to smoothly slap on an arm bar and got the submission 1:37 into the fight.
Winner: Mikey Gomez, Submission (arm bar)

After ten quality MMA bouts, it’s hard to argue that BAMMA USA doesn’t deliver for ti’s fans. Bad Beat 9 certainly didn’t disappoint! Their events are always well produced and are a great night out. Bad Beat 10 returns to the Commerce Casino August 9th, and if you’re in the LA area, you should go. No matter where you live, go see live, local MMA!