BAMMA Badbeat 6: Beatdown at the Commerce Casino

It had been a strange couple of days in Southern California. Rain. Rain! Rain and an overcast, cold morning on fight day for BAMMA USA’s Badbeat 6 at the Commerce Casino. After a grey, cold morning (perfect for a Friday the 13th), the clouds burnt off and the Southern California heat set in… a light wind blowing on the walk from the parking lot set the tone perfectly for a great night of MMA at BAMMA USA’s badbeat 6

Badbeat 6, at the Commerce Casino did not disappoint. Hell, it opened with a one-punch knockout, 12 seconds into the winner’s first professional fight! The crowd was lively and the action fast-paced, consistently good as the night progressed. Here’s a recap of what happened on a strange but wonderful night in July…

Main Card*

155 lbs: Scott Catlin (8-5) vs. Bill Cooper (3-1) (Cancelled)
Unfortunately this bout was cancelled. I don’t have any info regarding the reason. When I find out I will post it. We were really looking forward to seeing Bill “The Grill” in action…

Main Event- 155 lbs: Mike Guymon (13-5-1) vs. Mike Dizak (5-4)
Mike “Joker” Guymon, coming off a fairly dominating win at BAMMA Badbeat5, returns to the cage to face Mike Dizak. A fan favorite, Joker came out to loud cheers, and his crew tossed out Joker hats to the crowd. Once the cage door closed, he was all business. Rd. 1—Both guys are quick to engage, Dizak pushes Joker against the cage and works the clinch with knees to the inside and outside of Joker’s legs. Joker gets the under-hooks and they sit in this position for most of the round. Not much action, mostly Dizak trying to tire Joker out with pressure against the cage. Rd. 2—Joker comes out strong, throws some shots, measuring, Dizak fires back, lands a nice hook, Joker throwas a kick, misses, Dizak grabs Joker, trying to tie him up again, Joker pushes him off, lands a clean elbow in the exchange. Dizak steps back to regroup, Joker follows lands a few jabs, a nice straight shot and another elbow as Dizak tries to tie up again. Dizak ties Joker up, they are against the cage, joker reverses, he’s landing short shots in the clinch, lands another big elbow on the exit, Dizak is hurt, Joker pounces, taking him down, they scramble, Dizak is against  the cage and Joker is landing shots, he covers up, Joker gets his back, this is vintage Joker coming on stronger and stronger the longer the fight lasts.  Joker has Dizak on his knees, he’s landing shots, Dizak is covering up, the ref is close, this might be stopped. Dizak is defending, Joker is keeping a lot of pressure on Dizak, pressing him agains the cage and not letting him get up, Dizak is bleeding and Joker is def. winning this round. The round ends, 10-9 Joker, it’s tied up in my opinion. Rd. 3—I thought for sure Joker was gonna finish Dizak in that last round, Dizak held on, exciting round, much better than the first. Joker comes out striking, he lands a nice high kick, follows up with a few shots and lands another clean elbow to finish the exchange. Dizak is still coming forward, trying to tie up and get Joker against the cage. Joker rushes in throwing kicks and punches, one lands a bit low, Dizak is down, in pain. Low shot, unintentional. The Ref tells Dizak he has 5 minutes, I think he’s gonna take the whole 5. It was a bad shot, Joker is upset and telling everyone it was accidental, he’s visibly upset with himself. Dizak is still down, that shot was really bad. 5 minutes have passed and Dizak is ready to resume, they touch gloves and Joker moves in, Dizak lands a few shots, backing Joker up, then he goes for the clinch, pushes Joker against the cage, Joker reverses, Dizak goes for the takedown and they land on the ground. They scramble for position, they are back up and Dizak goes in again, they are down. Joker is on his back with Dizak in a guillotine, it looks tight, but Dizak is too slippery and I don’t know if Joker’s arms have what it takes to finish at this point. Dizak is trying to counter, no luck, he’s stuck but not in danger. Joker’s corner is talking to him, telling him to use his heels, he begins to punish Dizaks calves and ankles with big shots from his heels, it’s kinda funny to watch, but it’s damn effective, Dizak is in pain but still caught in the guillotine, Joker is raining down heel strikes, Dizak is gonna be in pain tomorrow. Dizak keeps trying to counter but Joker has him locked up, more heel strikes….fast forward to the end of the round and they are still in the same position with Joker landing heel strikes. Not the prettiest win, but a dominating round by Joker should clinch this fight for him. I have it 2 rounds to 1 for Joker, the judges agree. Joker takes home another victory and he’s one step closer to the big leagues again.
Winner: Mike ‘Joker’ Guymon, (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) 

135 lbs: Chris Beal (5-0) vs. Kana Hyatt (10-10)
Rd. 1—Two fast guys, throwing strikes and slipping punches but nothing devastating. Hyatt kicks but Beal catches it and drives for the takedown. Hyatt showing a god defensive gard, but Beal lands some ground & pound anyway. After spending most of the round on top, Beal stands up and lets Hyatt stand. Hyatt lunges and swings big but misses. Bell rings. Rd. 2—First half of the round standing, they circle, stalk and exchange. Both guys throwing with some power. Beal drives in, slams Hyatt. Hyatt gets up and Beal slams him again. The crowd is loving this! Top control but fighting through Hyatt’s guard, Beal is only landing sporadically.When Beal postures up, Hyatt escapes and there’s a quick scramble. Hyatt almost gets Beal’s back, but Beal gets out immediately. They circle, stalk and strike. Beal ducks a Superman punch. Nice. Hyatt shoots in for a takedown which Beal stifles as the bell sounds. Rd. 3—More back and forth…. Hyatt is a dangerous striker but outclassed by Beal. In the cage.

You know how you could be watching TV, and a commercial comes on and your inner timer keeps track of time so you can flip around channels and then come back before your show comes back on? Chris Beal’s inner timer is a bit off. About three seconds. You see, he was on top of Hyatt, winning the fight and heard the ten second noise. Sensing he was at the end, he jumped up and danced away from Hyatt, who got up and charged him. Beal realized what was happening in time, and fended off Hyatt’s attack, but we almost had a moment there. I’m pretty sure his coaches are going to have a little talk with him about that.
Winner: Chris Beal, Unanimous Decision

150 lbs: Tom Gloudeman (6-1) vs. Steve Magdaleno (8-3)
Jasper and Murillo came to fight, and for three rounds went at it, full speed. That being said, Gloudeman and Magdaleno shifted into a higher gear and for two action-packed minutes, blasted each other at high speed! Magdaleno caught Gloudeman with an overhand right on the top of the head and Gloudeman walked right through it. The same strike later, but this time on the jaw staggered Gloudeman and Magdaleno jumped on him, landing elbow after elbow to Gloueman’s head, opening it up wide and sending blood spattering like a Pollock painting! I’m pretty sure it we could read Gloudeman’s thoughts. I’m pretty sure they were “uuuunnnnggggghhhh” though…
Winner: Steve Magdaleno, TKO, 2:14 of round one

185 lbs: Mike Jasper (4-0) vs. Manny Murillo (4-0)
Rd. 1—Murillo out of Team Quest Murrietta, CA, and appropriately, Murillo shot in on Jasper for the first aggression of the round. Pinning him against the cage he wasn’t able to much and they separated. A few punches later, Murillo shot again, but this time Jasper was able to get behind him, and got a body lock from the back. A knee sent Murillo down, and turning to face him, Jasper landed another knee that staggered Murillo. Murillo is a game fighter, and showing some skills but a big slam at the end of the round gave Jasper, in my eyes, a 10-8 round. Rd. 2—both guys come out aggressive and they have a good exchange. Jasper seemed to stun Murillo but he recovered quickly and both buys land shots at will. This has the feel of a fight that’s about to end, but Jasper rushes Murillo and gets him against the cage with both underhooks. Powerful dirty boxing ensues, with both guys landing knees and punches. They separate, look for openings. Strikes miss. They exchange leg kicks. Jasper catches Murillo’s kick and trips him, pouncing on his back throwing punches but Murillo slips out and they end the round with Jasper pushing Murillo against the cage, both guys dirty boxing. Rd. 3—Both guys are going for it, and you can sense the danger. Jasper retreats, slows things down a big. Murillo keeps throwing kicks that Jasper catches and uses… this time Murillo gets Jasper against the cage, lands a knee and Jasper goes down. Short-lived though, as he pops right back up, peels Murillo off of him and they trade again. They’re against the cage again. This time Murillo lands the knee… to Jasper’s cup. A short break later we return to the action. Both guys swinging for the fences! Spinning backfist from Murillo followed by jumping kick from Jasper… Jasper falls down. Murillo wades through up-kicks to land in mount as the bell sounds. Close fight…
Winner:  Mike Jasper, Split Decision

Preliminary Card

205 lbs: Mike Smith (0-0) vs.  Lew Polley (10-4)
Rd. 1
—So, yeah… Lew Polley took Mike Smith down, controlled him on the ground. Ref separated them. Same thing happened. Rd. 2—Stand-up for the first part of the round is good. Both men land shots. Polley takes Smith down. Landing strikes but not enough for Ref, who stands them up. Polley does it again. Rd. 3—They go ’round again. Trade. Smith has good stand-up. Tags Polley. Polley gets… wait for it… a big takedown. Polley by split decision.

In his post-fight interview, Lew Polley salutes Mike Smith for his service in the Marine Corps. and gives over his interview time to Smith. Humble, classy, sportsmanlike thing to do. Mike Smith showed heart and some good skills. Looking forward to seeing more of both of these guys.
Winner: Lew Polley, Split Decision

145 lbs: Vince Ortiz (8-8) vs. Chris Culley (13-15)
“Sergeant” Vince Ortiz from Long Beach vs. “The Urban Legend” Chris Culley from Barstow. Rd. 1—Ortiz strikes first, rushing Culley and landing a few punches. They circle, stalking each other, Culley throws some leg strikes and one front kick that landed as Ortiz came in with a nice slap, Culley threw a kick which Ortiz caught and shot for the takedown. Working pinning Culley against the cage, Ortiz struggling for a takedown that isn’t coming. Ref separates them. Ortiz punches in flurries, Culley lands a kick—right to the cup. So we wait…

…and… we’re back. Ortiz gets rushed by Culley, gets taken down as bell sounds. Rd. 2—Ortiz comes out fast but it’s Culley taking control of the standup, until he kicks and Ortiz grabs his leg and forces him against the cage… They separate and circle. Culley lands a step-in knee which hurts Ortiz. Ortiz rushes, geting Culley against the cage again. Culley reverses, lands a good shot exiting, Ortiz calls him in. That might be a mistake, but the bell sounds, so we’ll find out in… Rd. 3—Both guys land shots. Both guys call the other out. It’s Diaz vs Diaz in this cage! They go to the ground. Battle for position. Culley gets Ortiz in a rear-naked choke. That’s it! Literally. In his post-fight interview, Chris Culley announces his retirement. The Barstow MMA scene will never be the same.
Winner: Chris Culley, RNC submission

155 lbs: Eric Brown (2-2) vs. Josh Thornburg (8-5)
Eric Brown is the hometown guy, fighting out of nearby Fullerton. That always works out, right? It sure as hell did this time, as we have our second quick stoppage of the night, 13 seconds this time, as Eric Brown KO’s Josh Thornburg. In the post-fight interview, Brown recapped it this way: “I stunned him, hit him a few times, that seemed to wake him up, so… I hit him again.” Brown also noted he got a 22-second KO last time, so he tried to beat that. Entertaining guy. Good interview. These are often unpolished traits in up-and-coming fighters, but they can carry them a long way… especially when they keep winning by KO!
Winner: Eric Brown, TKO

145 lbs: Max Ceniceros (1-2) vs. Eric Winston (2-0)
Rd. 1—Max Ceniceros got down to the ground, getting Winston in a guillotine before Winston fought out of it but Ceniceros reversed and got on top and it was all over…. landing several strikes for what seemed like a minute, the Ref stepped in to save Winston, with less than 30 seconds left in the round. It was a good stoppage, as Winston had lost his mouthpiece and was just covering up, offering nothing at the end…
Winner: Max Ceniceros, TKO

155 lbs: Jason Manly (1-0) vs. Jorge Valdez (4-1)
Big expectations for a fighter with the last name of ‘Manly’… but hard to root against a guy from Palm Desert in Valdez… Both guys look ready to throw down…
Rd. 1—Valdez got a nice leg kick in before Manly got the double let and the takedown. Valdez throwning submission, almost gets up and eventually reverses and gets top position. Manly battles back with a leg lock. They battle back and forth, with Valdez gettng top control for a good long time, including standing and kicking Manly before Manly attacked his legs again, reversing into top position and landing two big punches right before the bell. Rd. 2—a little longer standing this time before Manly shoots and ends up on his back with Valdez standing over him kicking again. This time Manly moves quickly to bring Valdez to the ground and they battle leg submissions again. Both guys are good on the ground… back and forth… Rd. 3—Manly shoots, slams and dominates. Askren-like control. Lands a couple of elbows, giving the cut man something to do…
Winner: Jason Manly, split decision

170 lbs: Teshawn Walls (1-1) vs. Tony Stewart (0-0)
Rd. 1—Stewart started things off with a bang!  One punch KO in his professional debut at 12 seconds in the first round. Badbeat living up to it’s name…
Winner: Tony Stewart, KO

BAMMA USA’s next event, Badbeat 7 is set for October 12th at the Commerce Casino. No card’s been announced yet. Check BAMMA USA‘s site for details.