BAMMA BadBeat 7 Card Change

BAMMA USA Moves Forward with Badbeat 7 Despite Losing Main Event
Fighters to Injuries
Santa Ana, California – October 2, 2012 – The main event fight for BAMMA USA’s “Badbeat 7
presented by Budweiser” between Virgil ‘Rezdog’ Zwicker (10-3) and Mike Cook (12-9) has been
replaced due to separate injuries sustained by both fighters. Zwicker incurred a back injury during
training early last week and BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts was looking for a replacement when Cook
informed him that he sustained two fractures in his hand knocking him out of the main event as well.
Instead of following in the steps of recent MMA show cancellations, BAMMA USA staying true to its
motto, decided to “keep moving forward” with the show.
“Replacing the main event on such short notice was not an easy task but I felt an obligation to the
fighters and fans to go on with the show. I attempted to secure two highly recognizable fighters but
contract negotiations prevented that fight from happening. My staff and I conferred on possible courses
of action and concluded that we had ‘main event’ quality fights already on the card, any 1 of the top 5
fights on this card could be the main event for us any other time” according to Brett Roberts, BAMMA
USA CEO. “Chris Beal and Shad Smith have provided exciting moments in our cage in the past and I look
forward to them bringing more excitement to our fans in their main event fight.”
This will mark the second time that Beal headlines a fight card for BAMMA USA. Beal’s memorable fight
against Jimmy Jones at Badbeat 4 was elevated to the main event on fight night. That closely contested
bout was considered by most as fight of the night.
Main Event: Chris Beal (6-0) vs. Shad Smith (12-15-2)
One of Badbeat’s top prospects and undefeated fighter ‘The Real Deal’ Chris Beal (6-0) is on the road to
bigger and better things but MMA veteran Shad Smith (12-15-2) is in his immediate way. Beal has lived
up to his nickname so far in his MMA professional career by remaining unbeaten and he looks to
continue that streak at Badbeat 7. Beal recently remarked, “I respect that Shad wanted to fight me but
once we step into that cage I’m going to disrespect him with my hands. I’m too fast, I’m too strong, too
hungry right now. The Badbeat cage is my cage, you come in here, you’re going to get the same as
everyone else has received. I’m looking to put Shad into retirement.”
Shad Smith has faced some noticeable opponents in his career including Dominick Cruz, Duane Ludwig,
Nam Phan, and Jared Papazian just to name a few. He brings his unmatched experience to Badbeat 7 in
hopes of detouring Beal’s road to the top. According to Smith, “there’s nothing I haven’t seen already in
my career, he is not going to surprise me. As long as I can match his energy early, I can land punches and
look for the KO or soften him up for a submission.”
-more-The Badbeat 7 Main Event storyline is young up and comer faces experienced vet but as is often the
case, it will come down to a battle of wills and heart. Whoever has the most of both should come away
victorious. Will Beal’s road to the top be smooth and uninterrupted or will Smith prove to be the bump
on the road and deliver Beal his first professional loss? Find out at Badbeat 7 on October 12
Co-Main Event: Mike Jasper (5-0) vs. Kyle Bolt (4-1)
Jasper’s fans keep growing for good reason. Mike has had some of the most exciting fights inside the
Badbeat cage; he not only brings the fans, he brings the fight. Bolt will have to overcome the hostile
environment outside the cage and match the pace inside the cage if he wants to get a win against the
undefeated Jasper. “I’m looking to stand and bang, keep it on our feet and end it early” remarked
Kyle Bolt is riding a four fight win streak, all wins coming by submission. Kyle’s confidence is evident in
his remarks regarding Jasper as a “stepping stone” in the advancement of his career.” I feel that I will
have the strength advantage and the height advantage against Jasper”, added Bolt. Interestingly, Bolt
said that he also wants to “stand and bang” and “debut his hands” against Jasper.
If both fighters stay true to their words, the co-main event promises to be an all-out brawl.

WHEN: Friday, October 12, 2012
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
First fight at 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Commerce Casino
6131 Telegraph Road
Commerce, CA 90040
Main Event- 145 lbs: ‘The Real Deal’ Chris Beal (6-0) vs. Shad Smith (12- 15-2)
Co-Main Event- 185 lbs: Mike Jasper (5-0) vs. Kyle Bolt (4-1)
11. 145 lbs: Nick ‘No Limit’ Piedmont (6-3) vs. Sevak ‘The Silverback’ Magakian (12-3)
10. 145 lbs: Steve ‘The Dream’ Magdaleno (9-3) vs. Jason Williams (4-4)
9. 145 lbs: Chris ‘The Urban Legend’ Culley (16-10) vs. Tom ‘The Grinder’ Gloudeman (6-2)
8. 155 lbs: Eric Brown (3-2) vs. Jorge Valdez (4-2)
7. 205 lbs: John Hernandez (1-0) vs. Mike Smith (0-1)
6. 155 lbs: Gil Guardado (1-0) vs. Xavier ‘The X-Man’ Stokes (4-4)
5. 135 lbs: Terrion ‘Flash’ Ware (2-0) vs. Marvin ‘The Mad Lion’ Madariaga (1-0)
4. 125 lbs: Anthony Frank (1-0) vs. Bronson Casarez (3-0)
3. 170 lbs: Adam Gonzalez (2-0) vs. Tony Stewart (1-0)
2. 135 lbs: Ron Scolesdang (1-0) vs. Mike ‘Mighty Mouse’ Hansen (0-0)
1. 205 lbs: Christopher ‘Buffalo’ Schommer (0-0) vs. Nick Piecuch (0-0)
*=All bouts subject to change