BAMMA USA Bad Beat 3 Recap and Photos

BAMMA USA is a California Promotion with a pretty stellar track record of MMA events. In business since September of 2010, they have become a premiere league in the Southern California area and beyond. BAMMA USA Bad Beat 3 went down Saturday August 20th at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, Ca. Coupled with the Amateur League Fighting Alliance (ALFA), BAMMA USA put on a great event.

Here is info from the BAMMA USA website:

BAMMA USA is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotional company specializing in creating live entertainment featuring both professional and amateur combatants. Currently stationed out of Southern California, BAMMA USA promotes the area’s top local talent from mixed martial arts gyms such as Reign Training Center, Kings MMA, PKG, CSW, The Bodyshop as well as many others. BAMMA USA is Southern California’s top mixed martial arts (MMA) organization providing the area with events monthly and opportunities to professional and amateur athletes.

Past and current fighters who have worked with BAMMA USA founder Brett Roberts include: Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko, Joseph “Leonidas” Henle, Georgi Karakhanyan, Gabe “Godzilla” Ruediger, Jason Lambert, Tiki Goshen, Jay Silva, Chad George, Albert Rios, Dominic Clark and others.

We arrived early to the Commerce Casino, a location with a healthy mix of clientele, ranging from Ben Afflec to 103 year old asian women with the occasional tattooed cholo for good measure. It’s a nice venue with plenty of room for a full blown MMA fight card. Some of you may have gambled there, others may have been to a Comedy show or Live concert. The Commerce Casino is an ideal place for any of the 3 previously mentioned events.We first met with Tyler, head of PR, he gave us the rundown on the event including our cage-side photo location.

The event was scheduled for a 6:30 start time (no event ever starts on time, ever), the first fight took place at roughly 7pm. The first half of the night showcased the ALFA fighters. I gotta tell you, in MMA, amateur only means they don’t get paid. Don’t let the moniker fool you, the amateur fights were every bit as exciting and technical as any pro bouts you may have seen on Strikeforce/UFC/Bellator. The opening bout saw, what we felt was an early stoppage, of two talented lightweights (not positive of the weight class) throwing big punches and kicks before a well timed take down led to a Ground n Pound stoppage early in the first round. To say we were excited by the opening bout is an understatement.

As the amateur bouts continued, the action and excitement grew. The women’s bout saw an armbar submission that words just can’t describe, the entire audience was on their feet yelling and screaming as the sub was locked in and the inevitable tap came to pass. After a brief intermission, the Pro bouts started, aside from 1 stinker (come on, 1 bad fight out of 10 or 12 is an incredible card) the Pro bouts lived up to the excitement (see photos below for evidence) the amateur bouts started. With fighters representing top local gyms, the corners of many fighters were manned by UFC notables such as Mark Munoz (who’s next UFC bout is against Chris Leben) and Tony Ferguson (last season’s The ultimate Fighter winner) amongst others. The audience was a who’s who of MMA as well. With many MMA veterans in attendance.

From our point of view, the event was a success. Run smoothly, with a great fight card, a venue with excellent seating (there wasn’t a bad seat in the house) and what seemed to us to be 1000 staff members attending to every detail. We didn’t get a chance to speak to the audience, although I suspect we don’t need to, everyone was cheering and clapping the entire night, not a sign of a disgruntled audience.  All in all it was a great. We look forward to the next event, where we will be cageside bringing you the best coverage possible. Check back later for interviews with a few of the fighters on the card and UFC fighter Tony Ferguson.

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