BAMMA USA BadBeat 5 Fight Photos

BAMMA, BAMMA, BAMMA! What did I say? BAMMA! You din’t go, I know cause I didn’t see you there, sorry for you. It was a stellar event. Joker Guymon persevered, Gabe Ruediger put on an impressive BJJ first round before Scott Catlin rallied with a huge TKO victory and The Real Deal Chris Beal ended his highly anticipated fight in the first round by TKO against a game Jose Morales. Josh Bennett was on the receiving end of an amazing spinning elbow resulting in a KO loss and most likely a broken nose. Shad Smith and Chad George put on a good back and forth while Brandon Anderson and Eric Brown spent little time in the cage together before a submission ended the night. 9 fights and 8.5 solid fights, that’s a pretty good ratio in my mind. Since you couldn’t/wouldn’t be at this event, you can check out the fight photos, each fight is represented below, enjoy! Be sure to read Jimmy Hankins full recap

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