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The originally scheduled Main Event fight between Bill ‘The Grill’ Cooper and Scott ‘K.O.’ Catlin was scrapped just minutes before the scheduled start of Badbeat 6 because Cooper refused to fight unless his purse was increased. Both the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) and BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts had a valid signed contract by Cooper in hand. When CEO Roberts declined Cooper’s attempt to extract more money from the promotion, he had no choice but to scrap the fight. CSAC will move to suspend Cooper’s license and BAMMA USA will explore their legal options

BAMMA USA Badbeat 6 went down Friday July 13th and it was a great card. Solid fights, solid matchups and some great finishes.

In the New Main event (The Bill Cooper vs. Scott Catlin fight was cancelled for unknown reasons- the rumors abounded but we aren’t gonna get into those until we get some confirmation) Joker looked excellent, he had me worried after his last fight (his first for BAMMA USA and since leaving the UFC), this time the first round had me worried,the 2nd and 3rd were all Joker, he just gets stronger as the fight progresses, I’m looking forward to his next fight. Jason Manly and Lew Polley made successful returns to competition, with Lew defeating a very game Mike Smith and Jason defeating Jorge Valdez in a grueling battle contested mostly on the ground. Tony Stewart KO’d Teshawn Walls in spectacular fashion (note to young fighters, don’t talk sh!t or drop your hands in the cage, ever). 

Max Ceniceros, Erick Brown and Chris Culley ended their fights by TKO, sub and sub respectively to the pleasure of the fans. Mike Jasper and Manny Murillo put on the Fight of the Night in my opinion, going hard for 3 rounds with Jasper edging out the W. Tom Gloudeman and Steve Magdaleno came out swinging for the fences, Gloudeman got the better of the exchanges opening Magdaleno up with a wicked elbow on his way to a TKO victory. Chris Beal and Kana Hyatt fought hard and fast, Chris was just a bit crisper and more aggressive, taking the decision. Chris Beal gets better every time I see him in the cage. This is gonna sound strange, but I’m looking forward to his first loss, that way the pressures off him and he can continue to grow, this kid has a bright future.

It was a great night of MMA in So Cal, if you are thinking of going to a local MMA show, we suggest you check out a BAMMA USA Badbeat show. See the pictures below.

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