BAMMA USA BadBeat 7 Photos

Once again, BAMMA USA delivered. They delivered big. With Marvin Madariaga vs. Terrion Ware, Jorge Valdez vs. Eric Brown, and Sevak Magakian vs. Nick Piedmont and Kyle Bolt vs. Mike Jasper tying in my mind for Fight of the Night! That’s 4 fights I think were bonus worthy. Every fight on the card was strong, the talent was deep. BAMMA USA has stepped up their game each event. I fully expect to see Mike Jasper, Kyle Bolt, and Chris Beals on a bigger stage in the next 6-12 months. Lew Polley fought on BadBeat 6 and he’s debuting with Bellator now, think about that.

Don’t miss these events if you are in So Cal.

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