BAMMA USA brings BADBEAT 17 to the Commerce Casino



California Pro MMA promotion BammaUSA brought it’s 17th Badbeat event to the Commerce Casino on Friday, October 2, 2015. If it’s previous incarnations were an indication, MMA fans were in for a fantastic night! View the Gallery of Photos here.

Here’s the action, as it went down (well, as it went down in reverse chronological order…):

Main Event: Kevin Bostick (6-3) vs Chris Saunders (13-7)
You hear the one about the guy that shot in, only to get caught immediately in a standing guillotine choke, until his opponent decided to pull guard with the choke, and forced the submission?

I don’t this Kevin Bostick had…
Winner: Chris Saunders, Submission (Guillotine Choke, 1:09 of round one)

Co-Main Event: 155lbs: Christian Aguilera (5-0) vs. Darren Smith (7-5)
 Fighting out of nearby Whittier, Aguilera is clearly the crowd favorite, receiving loud cheers upon his entrance. Smith is happy to let Aguilara feint and fake, while blocking most of his kicks and strikes. Smith bides his time and strikes effectively when he does, sending Smith backing away. Once against the cage, Aguilera finds his clinch reversed, with Smith putting pressure on and landing knees. Until one goes errant, striking Aguilera low.

After a quick break to let Aguilera recover, the action resumes. That is, until Smith lands a liver blow, and Aguilera goes down, with Smith following right after and landing strikes until the ref steps in.
Winner: Darren Smith, TKO (Strikes, 3:08 of round one)

175 lbs: Greg Parker (4-1) vs. Daniel McWilliams (12-30)
Parker is a confident fighter, and McWilliams a cagey veteran. Parker got McWilliams down, they rolled, Parker achieving back mount and rear naked choke.
Winner: Greg Parker, Submission (RNC, 2:22 of round one)

115lbs: Ashley Yoder (3-1) vs Angela Danzig (0-0)
Yoder didn’t take long to get Danzig in the clinch and take her down with a trip. The rest of the round saw Yoder controlling Danzig from top position, while working for a submission. Right at the end of the round, she found one.
Winner: Ashley Yoder, Submission (Arm Bar, 4:50 of round one)

125lbs: David Duran (3-3) vs. Gerald Bailey (2-3)

135lbs: Albert Morales (2-0) vs David Surey (1-1)
One thought dominates the mind after seeing this bout: Albert Morales is ready for prime time.

The round began with each fighter standing in the pocket and throwing. Morales not only landed more effectively, but also seemed to manage to avoid Surey’s punches. Surey, needing to quickly get out of trouble, took Morales down. Morales remained composed, landing strikes to Surey’s face while on the bottom and getting Morales into a triangle submission. Surey tried striking his way out but it was only a matter of time…
Winner: Albert Morales, Submisison (Triangle Choke, 59 seconds into round one) 

185lbs: Cody Vidal (1-0) vs Tyler Smith (0-0)
Both guys seem really, well, happy to be here, embracing once both entered the cage. Once the action started bowever, they were both all business. Smith getting Vidal in a Muay Thai plum, and Vidal landing punches from inside it. They separated, and worked their way around the cage, with Smith landing a few kicks and a good knee after briefly getting Vical in another Muay Thai grip.

It was a straight right punch, though, that would send Vidal to the mat. Smith pounced and landed a flurry of punches to Visal’s face that caused the stoppage. Hell of a debut!
Winner: Tyler Smith, TKO (1:31 of round one) 

155lbs: Erick Gonzalez (2-0) vs Eduardo Silva (0-0)
Eduardo Silva makes the most of his professional debut! After a very brief exchange striking, Silva charged and Gonzalez quickly used his momentum against him to take Silva down and take top position. Silva was quick to get Gonzalez in an arm bar. Gonzalez slammed Silva but that only seemed to sink the submission in further.
Winner: Eduardo Silva, Submission (Arm Bar, 35 seconds of round one)

165lbs: Timothy Quiroga (1-1) vs Blake Belshe (0-2)
What a way to start the night out! Both guys came out guns blazing, looking to take each other’s heads off. But this was no rock ’em, sock ’em robots—the first round was a wide-ranging affair, with Belshe getting in on Quiroga and slamming him to the mat twice, and controlling him on the ground briefly each time, but Quiroga finding the was to get back up.

Quiroga landed the first significant strikes of the bout, but they both got hard shots in. There were almost no jabs here, just incredibly hard “swinging for the fences” punches. Toward the end of the round, Belshe threw a few spinning attacks (both fists and a kick) that failed to hit their mark.

Round two brought more of the same, both in the ferocity of attack and Belshe taking Quiroga down for brief periods of time. Both men have strong chins, as each took the best the other had to offer and kept going. Belshe seemed to have the wrestling advantage, although he may have just been the more enthusiastic wrestler, because Quiroga kept getting back up each time he was taken down.

Having witnessed the hard-hitting first two rounds, I am honestly kinda shocked that it went to a third round, but very happy too—these guys are well-matched and very entertaining to watch!

The third round, unlike the previous two, began cautiously, with each fighter showing respect to the other’s attack. Quiroga landed a few kicks, and then took the initiative and threw a straight right that rocked Belshe. Going backwards rapidly and losing his balance, Belshe hit the fence and went down. Quiroga pounced, and pounded.. Forcing the Ref to step in and save Belshe.
Winner: Timothy Quiroga, TKO (Strikes).

180lbs: Hector Saldana (1-0) vs Jeremy Scott (0-0)

Once again, BammaUSA brought the action to the Commerce Casino! Badbeat 17 was a fast-paced, full-throttle event! Put this in your phone—Badbeat 18 will be January 15, 2016 at the Commerce Casino—If you’re within driving distance, be there! (No matter where you are, support local MMA)