BAMMA USA Returns to the Commerce Casino

BADBEAT8BAMMA USA: Bringing the Action Back to the Commerce Casino for BAMMA 8

Nick Jordan vs. Rashan Sabaratnamm, 145 lbs

Nick Jordan almost immediately goes for the takedown, works for it and gets it. The story of this round is a story of Nick Jordan’s control from the top position. In half-butterfly guard, full guard and open guard, Jordan controls the round. Sabaratamm throws up one arm bar, which Jordan escapes from. Posturing up several times and landing hard punches and solid elbows, Jordan easily takes the round, ending with a guillotine attempt.

Round two starts with a kick landing on Jordan as he shoots, but Jordan is unfazed. After a little struggle, Jordan gains top position again. Controlling the action, Jordan fights off Sabaratnamm’s attempts to tie him up and lands some ground & pound before the round ends.

Round three: The two meet in the center and there’s a few moments of “feeling out” on the feet before Jordan shoots in. He’s able to get Sabaratnamm against the cage but has trouble getting op top for a few moments, but soon returns to his familiar position and goes to work, landing a series of punches from above. The wrestling continues through the end of the round, with Jordan controlling the action. Another arm bar attempt from Sabaratnamm results in Jordan shifting him and ending up taking his back in a sitting position as the round ends.

Winner: Nick Jordan, unanimous decision

Kenny Quach vs. Dominic Guttierrez, 145 lbs

You know those bouts where one fighter comes out with a clear sense of urgency and the other guy seems taken by surprise? This was one of those. Quach took the center of the cage initially, but Gutierrez swung with authority and urgency. The entire fight lasted 45 seconds.

Winner: Dominic Gutierrez, TKO

Latif Idris vs. Anthony Frank, 125 lbs

Anthony Frank takes the center of the cage and the two bounce at each other, sizing up. Frank moves in, connects with a punch and drops Idris. As Idris gets up, Frank catches him in a standing guillotine, then pulls him to the mat. 47 seconds.

Winner: Anthony Frank, Submission

Daniel McWilliams vs. Adam Gonzalez, 170 lbs

McWilliams may be nicknames “the Animal” but it’s Gonzalez that starts out stomping the mat King Kong-like… unfortunately for Gonzalez, McWilliams ducks his swing and takes him down easily. Moments of wrestling for position end with McWilliams getting Gonzalez’ back and after a few blows softening Gonzalez up, McWiliams sinks in the rear-naked choke. 61 seconds.

Winner: Daniel McWilliams, Submission

Eric ‘E-Money’ Winston vs Jose Morales, 145 lbs

So… this one started out terribly. Morales threw the opening kick which Winston moved into: low blow. After a quick break, the action resumed, with Winston being the aggressor on the feet until Morales took advantage of his aggression and dumped him on his back. After working for position, Morales tried to take Winston’s back and Winston reversed. Eventually though, Morales got Winston’s back and a figure-four body lock, controlling him from behind. A little rolling later, and Morales is on Winston’s back and trying to flatten him out. Turn onto their side, they fight hands as Morales works for the neck, finally getting the tap. Another first round finish. This time 4 minutes, 47 seconds.

Winner: Jose Morales, Submission

Jorge Valdez vs Jason Williams, 155 lbs.

They don’t have much of a “feeling out” period and get right into it. After a few strikes from each, they head to the ground. And stay there. Williams on bottom throws up an arm bar, Valdez escapes but gets reversed. Both are active on the ground, and there’s no shortage of action. For the second time tonight, we will see a round two.

Round two: Williams takes Valdez down quickly. Landing punches in guard, wrist-fighting… Valdez is doing a good job of tying Williams up. Valdez reverses, almost gets the rnc before the round ends.

Round three (!): After a brief but effective striking demonstratino, Wiliams dumps Valdez and follows him to the ground. They stalemate, are stood up and Williams does it again. Up against the cage, Williams gets caught in an arm bar and manages to roll over and escape, ending up standing. The ref stands Valdez up. Valdez takes Williams down, but he is quickly reversed. Valdez seems to catch Williams in a triangle choke, but Williams slips out. Valdez isolating an arm, going for a Kimura but can’t finish it from bottom position. The fight ends.

Winner: Jorge Valdez, Split Decision

(the crowd does not like this, and although it was back and forth, I can’t say I totally disagree—Jimmy)

Tom Gloudeman vs. Ernesto Chavez, 155 lbs.

hvez looks like he has the advantage on the feet. And he does, stopping Gloudeman at One Minute, 21 Seconds in the first round.

Winner: Ernesto Chavez, TKO

Joseph ‘Leonidas’ Henle vs. Miguel Cosio, 195 lbs.

Both men aggressive. They trade. Henle bloodies up Cosio’s nose, slams him to the mat. Henle works on top, but Cosio manages to get up. Both guys are active in the clinch. Henle shoots, but is stfled and while trying to hold on to a single-leg, Cosio spins around to take his back. Cosio implements a figure-four body lock and makes several attempts to get a rear-naked choke, the round ends.

Round two: Cosio catches Henle with a punch as Henle shoots in, but Henle is persistent and gets Cosio down. As they wrestle, Henle gets the D’Arce choke and Cosio is forced to tap out.

Winner: Joseph Henle, Submission

*in post-fight interview, Henle admitted he broke his right hand in the first round

Steve ‘The Dream’ Magdaleno vs. Chris ‘The Urban Legend’ Culley, 145 lbs.

Culley stalks Magdaleno like a big cat. Calm, but you feel the danger. Mostly circling and jabbing. Culley lands a couple of high kicks, with about a minute in between. Magdaleno lands a body kick and Culley counters with a punch that sends Magdaleno falling back, but it’s hard to tell if he was dopped from the strike or if he was just off balance. Culley pounces and lands a few strikes but Magdaleno gets back up and they resume the stalking.

Round two: Magdaleno makes the first move, coming forward with a flurry of punches ending with a take down attempt. They clinch but nothing significant is happening and the ref separates them. Culley lands a hard kick. Again, Culley drops Magdaleno but not sure how authoritatively.

Round three: Magdaleno comes out strong. Very aggressive and seems to know he’s behind. There’s some decent exchanges and Magdaleno seems to be getting the best of them. He puts Culley against the cage twice but they get tied up and the ref separates them both times. Culley ends the round with a headkick that staggers Magdaleno at the end of the round.

Winner: Chris Culley, Unanimous Decision

Jared ‘The Jackhammer’ Papazian vs. Terrion ‘Flash’ Ware, 135 lbs.

The round opens with lots of feinting. These guys are fast, and wary of each other. A few lunging punches and kicks, They slap hands and smile. Papazian moves in, getting Ware down against the cage but he gets back up. Ware makes a mistake and leaves himself open for a flying knee from Papazian. Ware catches him coming in and throws him to the mat, following close after. They roll and Papazian gets back up and gets Ware against the cage, where the round ends.

Round two: Ware has skills but he’s just not quite on the same level as Papazian. Papazian getting the better of the striking and when the fight goes to the ground, Papazian is better and gets control.

Round three: The action continues and both guys come out on fire! Ware lands some shots but Papazian’s are harder and more accurate. At one point, Papazian had Ware against the cage covering up and moved forward but Ware recovered and they clinched. Papazian eventually got Ware to the ground and they battled but the outcome was the same as the first two rounds. Papazian was just too much better.

Winner: Jared Papazian, Unanimous Decision

Once again, BAMMAUSA’s badbeat fight series delivered a great night of fights. They have never disappointed. If you have the opportunity, go see live local MMA. There’s nothing quite like it!