BAMMA USA Rocks the Commerce Casino! Fight Summary

There’s nothing like live MMA to really get your adrenaline pumping… and BAMMA USA always delivers! The fans come out to the party atmosphere and the fighters put on the show. The energy is electric (and I’m not just referring to the three lovely ring card girls!) and the fighters fight like they mean it. No one’s got big sponsorship or PPV money coming in and they’re all trying to prove themselves and move up so that equals pure animal ferocity in the cage!

The fighters from the ALFA League opened the show with an explosive set of matches.

Bout 1: David Duran vs. Edwin De Santiago, Bantamweights
Round 1: Immediately David Duran takes it to the ground with a great armbar attempt. They fight for position. The round ends with Duran holding the armbar, it’s real close. The ref stands them up, no tap this time. Onto round 2.
Round 2:
Duran lands a clean overhand right, takes De Santiago down, Duran ends up on top and works for a submission. He transitions to full mount, transitions again, takes the back and sinks in a deep RNC. De Santiago is able to defend and last the round out.
Round 3:
Both fighters come out, it’s a slow tentative start to the last round. Duran lands a strong leg kick and a right hand. He shoots for the takedown and ends up in mount, transitions for a side choke, it’s deep…it’s gonna be over! No, De Santiago defends well, Duran has to give it up, he takes the back again, they roll, Duran is in full mount again, the clock’s ticking…the round ends with Duran still in mount.
Winner: “The Farmer of Destruction” David Duran (unanimous decision)

Bout 2: Edgar Gonzalez vs. Bryan Payan, Catchweight
Round 1: The fighters come out swinging. Payan gets the takedown but Gonzalez pulls off a nice reverse. After some nice elbows and punches, Payan attempts an arm bar but a big slam by Gonzalez gets out of it, followed by some more good ground & pound.
Round 2:
They exchange strikes to open the round. Nice takedown by Gonzalez. They battle on the ground, with Gonzalez getting the better of it. Payan ends up on top.
Round 3:
Gonzalez  got the takedown after a nice exchange in the middle of the cage but it was Payan who ended up on top dominating the round with control and ground & pound.
Winner:  Edgar Gonzalez (majority decision)

Bout 3: Jim “Wolverine” Mendez vs. Jose Gonzalez, Middleweights
Round 1:
Mendez showing good aggression, really taking it to Gonzalez but Gonzalez drives Mendez back to the cage. Mendez hurts Gonzalez with a punch and swarms. A very effective flurry and the ref ends it.
Winner: Jim “Wolverine” Mendez (TKO Strikes)

Some news made between bouts: former kickboxing champion and MMA fighter Kathy Long will be returning to the cage to fight for BAMMA USA this year. When asked about coming out of retirement and why now, she responded:”why not?” She’s not one for long answers, but she’s been training other fighters since she retired so you know she’s gonna bring it when the bell rings!

Bout 4: Christian Aguilara vs. Andrew Detwiler, Welterweights
Round 1:
Very active round. These guys are really well matched! Striking, on the ground… furious pace. Neither guy seems to have the advantage. Detwiler takes Aguilara down but Aguilara gets back up. Twice.
Round 2:
Back at it. These guys don’t slow down! This may be one of the best amateur bouts ALFA’s put on. Aguilara hurt Detwiler with a strike but Detwiler came back strong. Close round.
Round 3:
Fresh as the first round, the two come out again. This is exactly why you should go see live MMA! Great back and forth. Aguilar hurts Detwiler again, but Detwiler lands a haymaker and Aguilara reels. Swarming, Detwiler looks to put an end to this fight but Aguilara survives and escapes. Advancing, Detwiler attempts a vicious spinning backfist only to get taken down. The round ends with Aguilara on top, punching Detwiler’s side.
Winner: Aguilara (decision)

Bout 5: Robert Pelayo vs. Chris Schommer, Cruiserweights (yes, Cruiserweights!)
Round 1:
There’s a feeling out process as these two big guys begin. Schommer gets Peylayo’s back but can’t sink the choke. Transitions to the mount and lands some good shots. No question Schommer won this round.
Round 2:
Schommer comes out confidently but Pelayo takes him down. Schommer takes control almost the moment they land and reverses. Arm triangle. It’s over!
Winner: Schommer (D’arce choke/arm-in triangle)


Main Card: BadBeat 4

Bout 1: Josh Williams vs. Eric Winston, Featherweights
Round 1: Williams more active striking but Winston gets takedown with instant scramble and they’re right back on their feet… Winston driving Williams to the cage. Circling, measuring… Williams drops Winston with a knee from the clinch but he pops back up. Williams has Winston against the cage. Time out for low blow knee by Williams. Gets warning from Big John McCarthy. Back to the action, Williams again has Winston up against the cage but Winston escapes and lands a few punches on the way out.  A quick flurry of activity at the 10 second mark ends the round.
Round 2:
Williams has Winston in the clinch against the cage, but they’re not doing a lot and just when McCarthy looks to be stepping in to separate them, Williams takes Winston down. Winston manages to get back to his feet and gets hit a few times in the center of the cage… Again, Williams puts Winston up against the cage and takes him down. The two roll, and after a botched heel hook attempt, Winston ends up on top. He’s controlling Williams well and landing some shots. Williams tries to control the posture of Winston, but the round ends with Winston on top and landing a few body blows.
Round 3:
Circling and striking, both guys look a little tired but game. Again, Williams has Winston against the cage. They circle. Winston lands a superman punch and gets Williams against the cage. Short-lived though, as the two end up circling again, with occasional striking but nothing devastating… Williams is stalking Winston and finally engages him, landing a few blows…
Winner: Eric Winston (split decision)

Bout 2: Bobby “The Kid” Sanchez vs. Brandon Anderson, featherweights
Round 1: Bobby Sanchez gets Anderson down and serves him a guillo-tini, and it’s over. Yes, it was that quick! (It took me longer to think up “Guillo-tini” than the fight lasted!)
Winner: Bobby Sanchez (guillotine choke submission)

Bout 3: Joe Condon vs. Vince Ortiz, Lightweights
Round 1: Condon gets the takedown. Gets the back. Hooks in, punches down… sinks in the choke… they roll and gets the tap!
Winner: Condon (rear-naked choke submission)

Bout 4: Jeremiah Martinez vs. Jack “The Outlaw” May, Heavyweights
Round 1: May gets Martinez down, first controls the head with a choke, then they scramble and May takes him down again, this time to mount and G&P’s to the TKO! Very Impressive!
Winner: Jack “The Outlaw” May (TKO, strikes)

Bout 5: Miguel Cosio vs. Michael Jasper, Catchweight
Round 1: Fast action leads to quick takedown by Cosio but back up quickly too… Cosio gets Jasper against the cage and lands some nice knees… Cosio seems like the stronger fighter, reversing clinch and pushing Jasper against the cage a few times. Cosio lands low blow. Audience boos at Cosio… Jasper comes out, ducks a punch and gets the takedown.
Round 2:
 Jasper lands a big right hand and goes for the takedown. Puts a lot of effort into the single and gets him down. Cosio tries a guillotine, but Jasper pulls out of it. Jasper lands a few solid strikes but makes himself vulnerable to a triangle choke… Cosiocan’t get it and Jasper postures up, landing strike after strike. Jasper takes side control as the round ends.
Round 3:
They clinch, exchange strikes in the center of the ring, Jasper’s getting the better of it and takes Cosio down. They roll, with Jasper remaining on top and throwing down fists and elbows. Cosio’s cut.  McCarthy watching very closely… stops the fight.
Winner: Mike Jasper (TKO Strikes)

Main Event: Chris Beal vs. Jimmy Jones, Bantamweights (Ed. Note- The original Main Event was cancelled due to a medical issue related to Musa Toliver. The Ruediger vs. Toliver bout will be re scheduled for a later date)
Round 1:
Jones, the taller fighter, is keeping Beal at a distance with a wide variety of kicks, many of which are finding home. Beal lunges and lands a punch, but Jones backs away and starts the process of using his range again. Jones makes the mistake of moving in and gets taken down. Beal’s posture is bing controlled by Jones, but Jones lifts him up and slams him back down, gaining his posture and landing some strikes before they stand up again. Jones lands a couple of effective punches and Beal is rocked but escapes and recovers. Beal lands a couple of uppercuts and they circle. Beal advances, landing a few punches in a flurry and then drives Jones across the cage and gets the double-let takedown. On top in open guard, Beal lands some strikes and elbows.
Round 2:
Circling, occasional striking exchanges. Active, but no real advantage either way for first half of round. Both of these guys can punch and both can take a punch. Jones grabs Beal and takes him down. Beal tries for a guillotine but has to give it up and now Jones has side control. Now to north-south with Jones still on top. Beal reverses and picks up Jones. The two are standing then Jones tries a kumora and pulls Beal down. Beal ends up on top and in a triangle with Jones using his long legs but Beal gets out and ends in side control as the round ends. Nice Jui Jitsu from both men!
Round 3:
Beal begins the round putting some good combinations together. Jones moves in and Beal takes him down. Jones has an active guard, striking, throwing up possible submissions, controlling the posture… Beals is striking when he can. Beals is landing some nice knees to Jones’ body and yet somehow Jones gets up and takes Beal down. Jones takes Beal’s back and is going for the choke. The two battle for wrist control, and Beal reverses and ends up in Jones’ guard. Jones goes for an arm bar but Beals slams him out of it. The two end up standing when the 10-second marker sounds and Beals attacks throwing punches like a man possessed, transitioning into a double-let and takes Jones down to end the round.
Winner: Chris Beal (split decision)


Note: Favorite non-fight moment of the night: As Beals has Jones on the ground close to my position, seeing Joseph “Leonidas” Henle yelling instructions and, realizing his voice is too hoarse and he isn’t being heard, seeing Henle move to cage-side to yell to his training teammate. You gotta love the support!
Second favorite non-fight moment of the night:
As everyone clears from the room after the fight, the BAMMA USA Ring Card girls take one last walk to the cage, having done their duty, in matching BAMMA USA robes. Classic!