BAMMA USA slams into OC Auto Show (Full Fight Card and Results)

For the past few years, there’s been a BAMMA USA presence at the OC International Auto Show. MMA fighters come out with their cars, and to see the latest innovations in automobile technology (along with the requisite luxury and unusual autos) and its been a great way for fans of both MMA and Autos to meet some of their favorite fighters.

This year, BAMMA USA seized a portion of the exhibit hall to put on their own show: Collision Course featuring fighters from the ALFA League of Amateur MMA.

Their first outing at the OC Auto Show will be hard to top with seventeen (17!!!) amateur MMA bouts on the card… three bouts had to be canceled because of injury, meaning they would have had 20! Talk about an event worth the price of admission!

Non-Stop Action
Having seen amateur MMA before, I knew to expect fast-paced, explosive, no-holding-back fighting from the bell and Collision Course didn’t disappoint! From my vantage point, I had a clear view of the cage and it was great to see so many skilled mixed martial artists at the beginning of their careers put on such a display.

They may have been amateurs, but this was no sloppy Toughman competition—BAMMA USA puts together great pro cards and does the work necessary to scout out evenly matched amateurs that come to fight. From my brief discussion with a BAMMA USA staffer, I can confidently say that they care about the quality of their bouts, both the pro BAMMA USA ones and the ALFA Amateur ones, and they won’t put an inexperienced fighter in the cage against a veteran warrior. It does them no good to burn the fighters and, in turn, the audience.

Knowledgeable, Fun Audience
The hanger-like interior of the OC Convention Center carries sound very well, as not only is there nothing to absorb it, but the steel and glass of the building, along with it’s solid floor reflect sound, and so the crowd could be heard cheering throughout the entire wing where the fights were located, and the bell marking time rang out robustly.

The crowd was lively and knowledgeable, not only cheering for the fighters but could be heard yelling things like “step over! step over” when they were on the ground. There were several families with kids there to see the action, and seeing children with jiu-jitsu t-shirts on sparked more than a few to ponder how amazing the future generation of competitors will be, having been raised on MMA.

When a fighter with a local following appeared in the cage, groups of people stood and chanted their nickname. Several training teams were there in their matching gear and the atmosphere overall was friendly, fun and ready to have a good time.

One cool, unusual benefit of the event site was a window into the fighters’ ready rooms, as they were on the second floor overlooking the cage. You could see some warming up sparring in the background, but often you’d see them pressed against the glass watching the fights from their perch. It was great to see them get excited just like the fan sitting in the front row with the action in the ring! You couldn’t hear them, but you could see them yelling and jumping when something spectacular happened. That worked out for both the fighters, who are usually sequestered before their matches and the segment of the audience who noticed them and got to see such contagious enthusiasm on display.

ALFA Fighters look on as the bouts occur in the cage below them

ALFA Semi-Final Fights
Featured in the event were several “Southern California Semi-Final” fights, many of the victorious fighters from the Commerce Casino event Bad Beat 3 moved on to Collision Course in bouts featuring semi-finalists from Orange County vs. San Diego.

So Cal Semi Final Results
Heavyweight: Gibran Alvarez def David Kendal (split decision)
Middleweight: Kyle Kleinschidt def Angelo Henry (unanimous decision)
Middleweight: Mike Flach def Dennie Martinez (TKO strikes)
Welterweight: Joel Munt def Josh Thomas (TKO strikes)
Welterweight: Brandon Wilson def Demitry Moore (submission)
Lightweight: Anthony Williams def Paul Blancaflor (split decision)
Lightweight: Trace Gray def Erik Chavez (unanimous decision)
Featherweight: Francisco Castro def Alan Barrientos (submission)
Bantamweight: Keith Carson def Sean Najjar

Featured Fights Results
Featherweight: Edwin De Santiago def John Jay Austria (TKO)
Bantamweight: Jaime Sierra def Adam Nolasco (decision)
Lightweight: Alex Natividad def Bryan Payan (TKO)
Lightweight: Eddie Lloyd def Jeff Underwood (TKO)
Lightweight: Kyle Mason def Blake Butin (split decision)
Middleweight: Dale Malensek def Christian Aguilara (submission)
Middleweight: Kory Kelley def Arnold Iniquez (decision)
Light Heavyweight: Walter Weatherford def Jim Mendez (decision)

BAMMA USA always puts on a well organized and highly entertaining event. MMA Rants Today would like to thank BAMMA for hosting us—it was a great time! Also, congratulations to MMA Rants Today interview subject Joseph ‘Leonidas’ Henle for cornering winning fighter Walter Weatherford in his bout.

Look for more live MMA action from BAMMA USA on January 13th as they return to the Commerce Casino for Bad Beat 4!

All pictures used in the post ©BAMMA USA 2011