BAMMA USA’s Pro Series 3 brings the heat to Tarzana

It was a hot night in Tarzana as the sun set and BAMMA USA got set for it’s Pro Series (this being the third) event at Braemar Country Club. Once the sun set, the national anthem sung, it was the guitar strains of AC/DC that announced the opening bout…

Main Card
Terrion Ware vs. German Baltazar, 135 lb, Bantamweight
The first round was a fairly active one for both men, each landing but no real damage seemed to be done Baltazar got a takedown about halfway through, and Ware got top position when they went to the mat towards the end of the round. Pretty even round. Maybe Baltazar had the edge.
Round two looked to be more of the same, until Baltazar connected on a punch, forcing Ware to shoot. Ware got the takedown, but wasn’t able to do much and they got back to their feet. After they traded light punches, Baltazar took Ware down with ease, although Ware was able to negate any offense on the mat and they rose again. Once more, Baltazar got in on a takedown and took Ware down. Once more they rose. Ware shot in soon after and took Baltazar down, ending the round on top.
Round three kept the pace up, with each guy landing often, but nothing too powerful until Baltazar landed a low blow to stop the action. After a brief delay, Ware came out angry, landing a few solid punches and reversing when Baltazar attemtpted a takedown. Landing little ground and pound, Ware attempted passing the guard and Baltazar took advantage to stand back up. They traded furiously as the round came to an end.
Winner: Terrion Ware, Split Decision (29-28)

Alex Rickards vs. Robert Glickman, 172 lbs. Catchweight
This is Glickman’s home turf, and he came out aggressively, taking control of the cage immediately, landing effective punches and battling Rickards against the cage before separating and coming forward landing at will. It didn’t take long before Rickards succumbed and the ref stepped in. And Glickman danced.
Winner: Robert Glickman, TKO, 2:02 of the first round

Nick Reale vs. Ozzie Avalos, 174 lbs. Catchweight
You might remember Nick Reale, who was making some noise a few years ago, and is returning to the cage after a two and a half year layoff, taking this bout against the powerful Ozzie Avalos on short notice. Both fighters came out strong, and Reale struck first blood, landing a nice side kick to Ozzie’s abdomen. When he attempted a second side kick, Avalos caught it and rushed forward, taking Reale down against the cage. Reale fought to push himself up but ended up in a sitting position with his back flush against the cage. Putting pressure on Reale’s head, the bigger Avalos landed a few body punches before sinking in a guillotine, which Reale fought but eventually tapped to.
Winner: Ozzie Avalos, Submission (guillotine choke), 0:52 of round one

Jeff Martin vs. Jared Papazian, 135 lbs. Bantamweight
Marting came out kicking, but his kick was caught and Papazian got him against the cage. They fought in the clinch and when released Papazian got the best of the standup, landing almost at will. Martin was in trouble when Papazian took him down and it looked like it would end quickly, but Martin was able to defend Papazian’s attack on the ground, escaping a rear-naked choke attempt, scrambling and getting Papazian in a tight triangle. Papazian escaped after a long time in that hold and landed a few powerful punches standing over Martin, forcing the ref to save Martin.
Winner: Jared Papazian, TKO (strikes), 3:52 of round one.

Preliminary Card
Bobby Sanchez vs Daniel Clark, 160 lbs. Catchweight
Bobby was a game opponent, having taken the fight on several hours’ notice, but was ultimately no match for Clark, who landed first, forcing Sanchez to shoot in. Clark foiled his attempt, ending up taking Sanchez’ back and choking him out.
Winner: Daniel Clark, Rear-naked Choke, 1:25 of round one

Aziz Rashid vs David Duran, 135 lb. Bantamweight
Two notable things about these fighters: Rashid is from Jordan. The country. Granted, by was of Fresno, but still. Duran, unless I misheard the three times the announcer said his name, is nicknamed “The Farmer of Destruction”. Best nickname ever.
Rashid came out and threw a cheap shot at the opening hand-tap, and landed a more legitimate punch, which prompted the Farmer to take him down. On top, Duran found himself tied up, and slammed Rashid to the mat several times before the ref stood them up. Once standing, Duran moved in, landed several shots and sent Rashid to the mat: E-I-E-I-KO!
Winner: David Duran, KO, 2:52 of round one

Moses Murrieta vs. Howard LaCroix, 185 lb. Middleweight
Both guys making their professional MMA debut, this bout promised to be a barn-burner and it delivered! Both men displayed striking skills, and both had the advantage at different points in the fight, as they moved around the cage. At one point, La Croix had Murrieta against the cage and landed hard punches to Murrieta’s face, but to his credit, Murrieta had a solid chin, and reversed position, clinching with La Croix up against the cage.
Separating with some solid elbows, Murrieta moved back and did a good job of keeping La Croix against the cage as La Croix tried to circle out. Murrieta attempted an axe kick, which forced La Croix to move to his right, when Murrita landed a short right hook and sent La Croix crumbling to the mat.
Winner: Moses Murrieta, KO, 2:56 of round one

Emilio Chavez vs Shad Smith, 145 lb Featherweights
I’m at a loss of what to write about this one. I don’t think Smith threw a punch, or a kick. Seriously. I did not see one offensive strike from my vantage point. And I was looking. Chavez did a good job keeping Smith at range with headkicks and punches. Smith moved around the cage, mostly blocking Chavez’ kicks and punches. Smith shot in, getting Chavez against the cage and eventually getting him down, but Chavez reversed and took Smith’s back a moment after they hit the mat.
Smith tried defending the choke, but Chavez landed a few punches and was able to sink in the choke and forced the tap.
Winner: Emilio Chavez, Submission (the announcer called it a “Bar-Arm Choke” but it look very “rear-naked” from my vantage point), 3:31 of round one.

I’ve yet to go to a BAMMA USA event and be disappointed. This one was no exception. The venue was interesting, with the cage set against a sunset backdrop on one side and a view of the entire Los Angeles basin on another, and the action was fast and intense (with the “headline” prelim bout being the lone exception). BAMMA USA returns to the Commerce Casino with its Badbeat series (no. 11 this time) on October 25th. Select tickets can be had at a special discounted price for the next 10 days or so. Click here for more info.