Bellator 46 drunken Predictions

This round of predictions is sponsored by Sailor Jerry Navy Spiced Rum. (as I am partaking heavily of it’s good goodiness). Many of my postings are thanks to this cure all.

Saturday June 25, 2011 is Bellator 46 on Mtv2, besides Pat Curran and Marlon Sandro it’s not stacked with ‘name’ fighters, which makes me think it will be a very exciting card, since few of the fighters have garnered the kind of exposure they will achieve on Mtv2. Time for another shot of Sailor Jerry Rum and time to make my picks.

Main Card

Featherweight Quarterfinal bout:Pat Curran vs. Luis Palomino
Pat Curran is coming off a big loss to Eddie Alvarez, the belt so close he could taste it. I felt he never got his game plan going, played too safe and didn’t push the pace. I doubt he will make the same mistake. Luis Palomino is a black horse, I have very little info, that said, I’m going with Curran by decision.

Featherweight Quarterfinal bout: Marlon Sandro vs. Genair da Silva
Marlon Sandro is a beast, B E A S T! Genair da Silva is also highly regarded, this is a hard one to choose, I must go with Marlon Sandro, have you seen his highlight reel? It’s masterful, the knockout power he possesses is inspirational. Marlon Sandro by Decision. (I do hope for a highlight reel KO)

Featherweight Quarterfinal bout: Nazareno Malegarie vs. Jacob DeVree
I know nothing about these two fighters, (another shot of Sailor) and I pick DeVree by decision or submission or Ko, possibly TKO.

Featherweight Quarterfinal bout: Ronnie Mann vs. Adam Schindler
Ronnie Mann is ‘the man’, sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m told Adam Schindler is a direct descendant of the Schindler’s list guy, (I’m completely full of shit on this one, just thought it might be a nice rumor to start). I have little info on Schindler, I do believe he will fall to Ronnie Mann by KO/TKO.

*David Baggett missed the middleweight limit allowed of 186 for non-title fights, weighing in at 191.5lbs. (5.5lbs over? you suck at your job! I’m glad you don’t get to fight)


That’s it!

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