Bellator 56: Feeding the Frenzy

There’s no question that the UFC is the big dog in MMA promotions in the US. But don’t be surprised if Bellator steals a little of the UFC’s thunder this weekend.

With the UFC on Fox deal and UFC 137 this Saturday, there’s been a lot of interest in MMA stateside. But there’s also disappointment, because Georges St. Pierre is not going to defend his title, against Nick Diaz or Carlos Condit. And while the event should still do well, there might be a little slip in the ratings… Don’t get me wrong: I personally can’t wait to see it, but I can’t necessarily say that’s the case for a new fan, who might know who GSP is and might not be willing to shell out the cost of the PPV without him on it.

Enter Bellator.

Boosted by the news that Viacom has purchased a controlling interest, and offering it’s event this Saturday free on basic cable’s MTV2 (as well as in HD on EPIX 2), we may see an increase in viewership as people whose appetites are whetted from the prelims on facebook and Spike look for more…

The good news is that it looks like Bellator is poised to deliver one of it’s best events ever.

Headlined by a title defense by Ben Askren against Jay Herron, Bellator 56 also features the Semi-Final round in it’s Heavyweight Tournament. Two solid Heavyweight bouts. And Americans love a good Heavyweight fight.

Am I saying Bellator could eventually overtake the UFC in America? Most likely not, but history is littered with companies & sports programs who seemed as dominant as the UFC seems now, but were eventually bypassed by others who chipped away over time. Viacom’s influence and money sure doesn’t hurt…

Enjoy all of the MMA on offer this weekend. It’s going to be a great one!