Bellator 66 Full Fight Card and Predictions

Eddie Alvarez vs. Shinya Aoki! WTF? This is the F23King fight kids, this is the reason Bellator is the business. Aoki hasn’t faced top level competition in quite sometime, I’m amazed his handlers were willing to put him in with Alvarez, although, Alvarez’s recent loss probably played a big part in this fight happening. I don’t think Aoki would have stepped up if Alvarez had smashed Michael Chandler. Aoki is gonna be a prime figure in ONE FC, crushing lesser name up and coming talent for years to come, don’t expect to see him stepping up to face the best Bellator or the UFC has to offer unless he destroys Alvarez tonight, then things might change, but I doubt it. As phenomenal as Aoki is on the ground, he has shown reluctance to face the best out there. Disagree with me? Let me know in the comments section.

The lightweight and Middleweight tournament fights looks good, Falcao is always dangerous as is Brian Rogers, a Rogers/Falcao fight is what I’m praying for, let the bombs fly! The clock is counting down, Rock Me Amadeus is playing on Pandora and my glass is getting empty, time for the predictions. As always, mine are in Green, Ranters, Give us your predictions in the comments section.


Lightweight United States Julien Lane vs United States Joe Heiland

Julien Lane, like a boy named sue, a fighter named Julien is gonna be tough. 

Light Heavyweight United States John Hawk vs Finland Marcus Vanttinen

John Hawk is a name I expect to see in the next Expendables movie, and with his hand raised tonight.

Light Heayweight United States Dan Spohn vs Slovakia Attila Vegh

Attila Vegh. Attila is a badass name, enough said. 

Lightweight United States Tyler Combs vs United States Jason Dent

Jason Dent. Gotta go with the USA this time. 

Bantamweight United States Donny Walker vs United States Frank Caraballo

Donny Walker. Once again gotta go with the USA. 

Women’s Bout (131 lbs) United States Jessica Eye vs United States Anita Rodriguez

Anita Rodriguez. Love a sexy latina who can fight, just like mom.


Lightweight United States Brent Weedman vs Brazil Thiago Michel Lightweight tournament semifinal bout

Brent Weedman fought at Bellator 62 defeating J.J. Ambrose with a beautiful Von Flue Choke. His last fight was a loss to Chris Lozano at Bellator 49. Thiago Michel is coming off a split decision victory at Bellator 62 with his previous fights being for Brazil Fight and ending in 2 TKO victories. I give the edge to Weedman, he’s been on a bigger stage for a longer period, faced the pressure. Michel has the power to finish, most of his wins have been by TKO/KO, if he comes in confident it’s gonna be a 3 round war. I’m going with Weedman by decision.

Lightweight United States Lloyd Woodard vs United States Rick Hawn Lightweight tournament semifinal bout

Lloyd Woodard is 12-1 with his only loss to Michael Chandler. His win over Patricky Freire was amazing and painful to watch all at the same time. Rick Hawn is coming off a KO victory over Ricardo Tirloni giving him the edge I think. Then again, weathering Patricky’s power and finishing him by sub is a real confidence builder too. I’m gonna have to go with Lloyd Woodard by sub on this one. 

Middleweight Russia Vyacheslav Vasilevsky vs Brazil Maiquel Falcao Middleweight tournament semifinal bout

VV (it’s too hard to keep typing this name) in for a long hard fight. Falcao is a ferocious fighter with KO power from any angle, fist, foot, or hard stare. He’s also a loose canon in the cage, you never know what he’s gonna do, fight, choke out the ref, or sing a lullaby to the pretty girl in the first row. His las fight with Norman Paraisy was one of the strangest fights I’ve seen to date. It’s up there with Anderson Silva’s Abu Dhabi performance. Of his last 12 fights, he’s 11-1 with 7 TKO/KO’s, 1 submission and 2 decisions. Impressive. VV is a hard fighting competitor with the will to push through and gut out a victory if necessary. He’s a solid fighter on the ground and standing, but I have to lean toward Falcao on this one. Falcao by TKO/KO if he doesn’t go mad in the cage again. 

Middleweight Sweden Andreas Spang vs United States Brian Rogers Middleweight tournament semifinal bout

Andreas Spand is a last minute replacement stepping up to face Brian Rogers. His last fight was in Strikeforce Nov. of 2011 with a TKO win over Willie Parks. Brian Rogers is coming off a highlight reel KO over Vitor Viana, a flying knee so perfectly beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye as I think about it. The advantage has to be for Rogers, his KO power and his fight schedule, as well as being comfortable with the tournament format/schedule. Spang is a solid fighter with a 7-1 record, but I think I’m gonna go with Brian Rogers by TKO/KO. 

Lightweight United States Eddie Alvarez vs Japan Shinya Aoki

Eddie Alvarez is a beast, a real B E A S T. His fight with Michael Chandler was my pick as the #2 fight of the year behind Hendo/Shogun. Eddie is 22-3 with 2 of those 3 losses by submission, one by Aoki himself. Shinya Aoki, is arguably the best Jiu Jitsu practitioner in MMA today. With a record of 30-5-1 with most victories coming by ruthless submission. Aoki is known for breaking limbs in his quest for the ‘W’. The one glaring hole in Aoki’s game has always been his striking, currently he is training at Evolve MMA, quite possibly the greatest MMA gym in the world with a who’s who of fighting specialists. Aoki has spent the last year working on his Muay Thai with some of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in the history of the sport. Both fighters are completely different than they where when they first faced off in April of 2010. It’s anyone’s fight tonight. The key to victory for Aoki will be his takedown defense and improved striking, the key to victory for Alvarez will be his striking, and takedowns, keeping Aoki on his back and GnP’ing him silly. I should choose Aoki, but I dont’ much care for his attitude or his willingness/possibly joy  in damaging opponents, which means I want to see Alvarez crush him. I’m going with Eddie Alvarez by KO, I’m being optimistic. 
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