Bellator 67 Main Event fight card and predictions

Bellator 67 is going right now as I type this (I’ve been a bit busy with moving our offices and behind the scenes stuff) Cosmo Alexandre just put a beating on his opponents poor leg. Good fight, but Cosmo better spend more time on his wrestling/takedown defense and using boxing angles, his style while dangerous and unheralded in Muay Thai Competition is gonna get picked apart by a seasoned fighter with solid wrestling.  This week’s Bellator should be exciting, mostly because I’m not interested in any of the fights on it. That usually means I’ll be pleasantly surprised and in some cases, excitedly surprised by the fights, here’s hoping.

Who you got Ranters? My predictions are in Green, post yours in the Comments Section.


Welterweight Canada Ryan Ford vs Brazil Luis Santos
Luis Santos 

Heavyweight Poland Damian Grabowski vs United States Dave Huckaba
Dave Huckaba 

Welterweight United States Ben Saunders vs United States Bryan Baker Welterweight tournament semifinal
I know Ben Saunders will be the favorite, but as good as his ru nhas been, I’m not feeling like he’s up to his potential and Baker is gonna take advantage of it. Byran Baker. 

Lightweight United States Michael Chandler vs Japan Akihiro Gono
I absolutely have no idea why this fight was scheduled. Gono is a legend, a fading legend. If he wins, it will take the gloss off of Chandler, if Chandler wins, so what? With that said, I’m going with Michael Chandler by TKO/KO. 


That’s it!
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