Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 12.55.05 PMThis isn’t new news for anyone, I just haven’t weighed in on it yet.

Now is my turn. Rampage is…what can I say about his work ethic and UFC run that is positive? He was the UFC champ at one point, that is positive.

Currently, he’s been injured (forever), heavily on TRT (he himself released this news), is still railing against the UFC and the terrible way they treated him (by paying him millions of dollars, bailing him out of jail, and keeping him out of prison amongst other terrible things), is currently contemplating HeavyWeight (because F23K training and Bellator doesn’t drug test), I could keep going…I won’t.

What has Viacom/TNA/Bellator/Bjorn Rebney gotten themselves into? Expect Rampage to fail dramatically at the Tournament system. He is famous for his training regimen or lack there of. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the skills, because in the HW division, if he trained and was focused, Rampage could run through all of the roster. That’s not gonna happen, Rampage will be to distracted. His deal with Viacom is a 360 deal, meaning, he has a TV deal, A Pro Wrestling Deal, a Bellator Deal, and a Movie deal. He’s written a script, is gonna star in a Reality TV show and well, he’s Rampage, so at some point his persecution complex will rear it’s ugly head. Add all that pressure together and you have a pending legal case or best case scenario, Rampage just craps out in the cage.

Time will tell if Rampage can juggle all he’s got going on and still be competitive. My money is on him getting arrested for something bizarre and mostly harmless before his contract expires.