wtfbellatorPay close attention to the highlighted bouts.

Rampage is on weight, and M’Pumbu is underweight? That means he gained weight to make this fight and Rampage cut weight to make this fight? WTF?

Then the worst weight disparity is the first Prelim bout featuring Pat Schultz vs. Dave Roberts. Robert’s came in at 201.25 and his opponent came in at 212, missing weight by 7 lbs (6 if you count the allowed overage). 6 F23King Pounds! He’s gonna be massive come tomorrow, while Pat is another guy who gained weight to make the fight…I say again…WHAT.THE.F23K.?.

Bellator Light Heavyweight Semifinal: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (206) vs. Christian M’Pumbu (199.75)
Bellator Light Heavyweight Semifinal: King Mo Lawal (205) vs. Mikhail Zayats (205)
Bellator Featherweight Opening Round: Diego Nunes (144.25) vs. Matt Bessette (145.25)
Bellator Featherweight Opening Round: Goiti Yamauchi (145.25) vs. Will Martinez (144.75)

Bellator Featherweight Opening Round: Mike Richman (144.75) vs. Desmond Green (145.75)
Bellator Featherweight Opening Round: Daniel Weichel (145.25) vs. Scott Cleve (145)
Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Egidijus Valavicius (204) vs. Atanas Djambazov (204.25)
Featherweight Feature Fight: Andrew Fisher (145) vs. Saul Almeida (146)
Lightweight Feature Fight: Ryan Quinn (155.5) vs. Andrew Calandrelli (156)
Heavyweight Feature Fight: Josh Diekman (246) vs. Manny Lara (259.5)
Bantamweight Feature Fight: Marvin Maldonado (134.25) vs. Rico DiSciullo (135.5)
Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Pat Schultz (201.25) vs. Dave Roberts (212)*

Rumble young man Rumble