Bendo/Guida Fight on Fox Deportes!

¡Gracias, Fox!

I’ll admit I was confused… Ben Henderson and Clay Guida may not be the biggest names in the UFC in their division right now, but for those of us who know the sport, their names are certainly big enough to generate interest. If nothing else, this fight will probably be (and in a perfect world would absolutely be) the qualifier for the next title shot at lightweight…Normally the kind of thing that would garner some airtime at a live UFC fight night broadcast…

You’d be hard pressed to find another fight at the first UFC on Fox event to better represent the sport to the public. These are two warriors and as I’ve stated previously, are going to put on quite a show for the people.

Until recently, that sentence would’ve ended with “in attendance” as both Fox and the UFC have stated very clearly that the only fight to be aired on their first network televised event would be the heavyweight championship match of current champ Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos.

Cue “Fox Deportes” which will now air the title fight, and two others: Guida/Henderson and featherweights Dustin Poirer/Pablo Garza.

Which makes me incredibly happy.

¡Gracias, Fox! ¡Gracias!


Note: The “prelim” fights will also be streamed online at and on facebook, as was previously planned.