Benefits of competitive sports

We’ve been talking about team sports around the office for awhile now. Many of our friends have children who are getting to that age, starting High School and wanting to compete. Some are in Softball, VolleyBall, Football, Wrestling, BJJ and of course MMA. It’s a concern for a lot of people, the injuries, the mental and emotional strain of competition and the fear of negative lifestyle changes that can be associated with some sports, namely drugs/PED’s.

What we say is, whether you’re a football player, boxer, or into BJJ and MMA, competitive sports are good for you. Of course there are those who claim it’s all about the taking part and not the winning, but you don’t reach your potential in your chosen sport if you just think of it that way. You want to win. And you’ll be fitter for taking it seriously. There are so many different benefits to playing competitive sports, that it’s difficult to name just one. So if you are considering adding boxing, BJJ, MMA or any other form of martial arts into your evening routine as an alternative to partypoker  and checking Facebook and Twitter, check out these reasons for you to give competitive sport a go: Physical shape – The more you train, the better you will feel, look and perform. We’re not just talking about toning up and building muscle though. You’ll be able to exercise for longer, which will ultimately improve your health. Goals – Taking part in a competitive sport, you will be automatically setting yourself goals to achieve during training for matches etc. Goals represent a place you want to be in the future, so the more you set, the better you’ll become at your chosen sport. State of mind – When someone is active in sports etc, they tend to have a positive state of mind when compared to those who don’t take part in sports or any forms of exercise. This is because exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel better about yourself. So even if you train and lose a match, you’ll still feel good about yourself. Character – You find out what type of person you are when you take part in competitive sports. You figure out if you are the determined sort or whether you need a lot of motivation to keep going. You notice if you are a doubter, or if you have a strong will to succeed etc.

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