Bibiano and Aoki sign with ONE FC

Who’s next? One FC: Pride of a Nation is looking better and better as the days go by. Shinya Aoki was/is the DREAM LW Champ who had his ass handed to him by Bellator’s Eddie Alvarez resulting in his Corner of Champions throwing in the towel. Known as a submission specialist (quite possibly one of the best in the division) look for Aoki to rip/tear/break someone’s appendage in his first fight with ONE FC.

Bibiano Fernandes is considered one of the best in the Bantamweight Division, having won the DREAM Bantamwieght Grand Prix. You might recognize Bibiano’s name as the fighter who was signed to face Roland Delorme at UFC 149 in Canada, only to pot on Facebook that he did not sign a UFC contract and would not be fighting with the promotion. The ONE FC signing should come as no surprise to anyone as it was heavily rumored they rushed him a competing contract when they heard the UFC had made and offer. Guess who’s was bigger? We are sad to not have Bibiano in the UFC but look forward to watching him smash the competition in ONE FC.

Rumble young man Rumble