Big Country prepares for Cro Cop

I love Roy Nelson, he’s the underdog with a ton of talent and heart. Also, he weighs close to a ton, and looks like his fight week diet consists of pizza and beer. Hell, he looks like his entire nutritional system is based on grease and dark beer. The regular diet of a defensive lineman or center, not the diet for a MMA fighter in the premier promotion facing the best fighters the Heavy Weight division has to offer. The jovial, I don’t care about my weight Roy Nelson is why I love to watch him fight, yet, it’s also the reason I find myself screaming obscenities at my TV every time I see him begin to falter. As much as he may deny that his weight is an issue, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. NBC Sports caught up with Big Country and asked him about his current Training partner (Frank Mir) as well as his weight.


“My hair has grown out a little longer,” Nelson quipped. “My beard is a little longer. So definitely, we’re going to see a different Roy Nelson. I just want to basically wow people with my beard, so definitely going for that.”

“You know what?” Nelson continued. “Everybody always talks about my weight, but that’s throughout my whole entire life. It’s nothing new. I’m sure everybody is going to talk about my weight next week, and then after my fight, and then my weight after that. It’s just because people are mean.”

“To me, I look in the mirror every day, my wife thinks I’m beautiful, so I’m going to say probably not (look different),” he admitted.

“I hope I just perform better. Looks are in the eye of the beholder.”

Okay, his wife likes the way he looks, it’s hard to argue with that. Why change everything in your life if the people who love you really dig your fat ass? The answer would be, because you want to keep your high paying job and possibly win a title in the premier promotion in MMA, and live to see your kids graduate High School. Of course, he is a happy man, what’s a job really mean when compared to the love of your wife?

His assertion that people are mean is ridiculous. Totally and completely ridiculous in this instance. No one denies that the fans are ruthless, yet, they attack him for something he has control of, something he could change and would help his career. There is no argument Big Couontry could make to the opposite. Dropping the fat that makes his belly so round would make him faster, healthier, raise his cardio and possibly increase his power. Dropping to 205 would turn him into a Light Heavy Weight monster in my opinion.

I guess that’s the thing of it, it’s all ‘opinion’. Ours, Dana White’s and Big Country’s. In the end, when Roy Nelson hangs up his gloves, will he look back and be happy or will he wish he would have dropped the weight? Only time will tell.

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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