BJ Penn looking slim and trim

UFC on Fox 5 is only hours away, 20 or 30, it’s like Christmas Eve around here. We can’t wait for this card to start, hurry up. BJ Penn is facing Rory MacDonald. It’s the old guard vs. the new school, many say Rory is the second coming of GSP. Many say BJ is done, he’s past his prime, Diaz broke him, raped his soul and ate it with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti. This all may be true. One thing that is also true is…a motivated BJ Penn is a dangerous BJ Penn. Take a look at this video below, that’s a motivated BJ Penn. Who you got?

On a side note, who out there doesn’t like a motivated BJ, beware of a dangerous BJ, bad things can happen.

Rumble young man Rumble