BJ Penn responds to Marquardt

After Marquardt had this to say to

“Some of the fighters that think they’re so cool and tough by kicking a guy when he’s down – as far as my career, this has been one of the worst times of my life, and these guys are calling me a cheater and talking crap – I’ve taken note as to who those guys are, and I’m going to come for them. Eventually, I’ll get them. I don’t care if it’s in a superfight or if they want to come down to my gym. I’ll beat them up for free… I think you know who these guys are – Ben Askren, B.J. Penn, Paul Daley, Hector Lombard, cowards talking crap about a guy when he’s in such a situation. They’re trying to take advantage of the situation. They’re bullies. Those are the guys I want to beat up.”

BJ penn had this to say in response.
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I especially love the part about keeping the video. You just gotta love BJ Penn. What do you think? Is everybody kicking Marquardt while he’s down, or are they genuinely pissed off at his ‘cheating’? I know how I feel.

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