BJ Penn road to UFC 137 video part 2

Once again we are treated to BJ Penn’s training camp leading up to UFC 137.

I said it before, these video are superb in every way. The access they grant is spectacular. I saw a comment somewhere that likened them to Overeem’s series ‘The Reem’. Sorry I don’t remember where or who made the comment, but it was a great comment, leading to the next logical conclusion of, Overeem’s video series may have inspired these videos. I have no basis for this theory, it just seems like a logical conclusion.

Intersting points:

  • BJ Penn was scheduled to be at RVCA for 9 weeks straight, but chose to go back to Hawaii and return just prior to the fight to finish training. (usual BJ training dedication)
  • BJ Penn is back in Hawaii for 3 weeks
  • BJ Penn was gonna use Duane Ludwig, instead used Brandon Thatch for sparring
  • BJ Penn feels he’s ‘too old to talk sh!t’ anymore
  • Nick and Nate Diaz helped train BJ for his fight against Kenny Florian
  • BJ Penn likes to hang out at a place on the island where they used to do human sacrifice (WTF?)
  • Hawaiin Spirits make BJ Penn stronger
  • Hawaii is beautiful (this should not come as news to anyone)