BJ Penn says Rory scared of losing

BJ Penn is really going after Rory MacDonald. In the below interview from BJ says Rory pulled out of their fight because he knew he was gonna lose.

We are BJ Penn fans, more so when he’s at 155, and even more so when he’s motivated. BJ Penn reminds us of a guy who was a world champion Pool Player (heavy gambler and drug addict) we once knew, he would come into the pool hall and ask to borrow a few bucks, usually 20, in turn he would give us $100.00 (or more) at the end of the night. We would look him in the eyes and decide to give him the money or not. If he looked hungry for competition, it was on, many a night we watched him pull 10-15k (plus cue’s, the ultimate insult to a pool hustler is to lose your cue) off of the best hustlers and pro’s in the world, other nights he would just be some dude with a stick. We wouldn’t give him the money and he’d lose everything he could borrow. With the right motivation he was unstoppable, but that motivation wasn’t drugs, food, alcohol, women or a place to live (he slept behind  the dumpster in the parking lot of the Pool Hall) it was competition, only when he felt the fire…sound familiar?

We aren’t saying BJ is spinning this story, we aren’t saying Rory is scared, we don’t know what we are saying except a motivated BJ Penn is a dangerous BJ Penn. We originally wrote that last sentence as ‘A motivated BJ is a dangerous BJ.’ Then we realized our mistake. Needless to say, BJ Penn is looking to gain the upper hand psychologically at least before bout with Rory finally happens. Stay hungry BJ Penn, stay hungry.

Rumble young man Rumble