BJ Penn to fight… Nick Diaz?

So often these days, it seems like the UFC is playing 52-pick-up. Fighter out here, pick up a fighter to plug in. Fighter hurt here, grab another from the deck.

It is unusual that the UFC would break up a fight, especially one within a month of fight night, to fill in on another bout, but that’s just what it did when they pulled Nick Diaz from the GSP fight and nabbed Carlos Condit from his match with BJ Penn to fill in.

It was widely thought that the winner of Condit-Penn would face the winner of GSP-Diaz for the next title fight. That being the case, whatever you think about their particular skills, the UFC would have all four fighters in the same general ranking.

Now, we know that Nick Diaz isn’t a presshound, but we do know from his YouTube “apology” video that he’s a man tied to a UFC contract (for now) and that he’s ready to fight “anyone, anywhere” which leads to an interesting thought: Fighter Swap.

Both Diaz and Penn have been training hard for their respective matches and both men have to be disappointed in having their fights pulled out from under them.

A match like that would provide a lot of intrigue: How would Penn deal with the constant trash talking and disrespect for his striking that Diaz would certainly bring? How would Diaz deal with a Penn he would have trouble landing cleanly on, and one he would have a lot of trouble submitting?

You could still have winner fight winner, for the title after GSP retains the belt or Condit wins it.

It’s one of those ideas that’s “so crazy… it just might work.”