Bob Sapp has an incredible sense of humor

SFL went down this morning, was it everything you expected it to be? Remember Bob Sapp? The guy who tapped to a double leg takedown, the same guy who’s had questionable losses in his last 5 fights, questionable in that they appear to be ‘dives’. Bob Sapp has an incredible sense of humor and an incredible desire to monetize anything and everything attached to his name/likeness/persona etc. etc. He’s said to be making suckers because everyone says he ‘sucks’ so he thinks they will sell well. Seriously. Well, now, he’s got a contest for people to make a video about how great or terrible he is, yes, terrible is and option when entering this contest. Watch the below video and you may gain a bit of understanding about why Bob Sapp is so popular in Japan. If you enter, good luck, and take us please.

Rumble young man Rumble