Bob Sapp is…just wow.

Bob Sapp is…something. I can’t call him an MMA fighter, I can’t call him a K-1 legend, I can’t call him a Football star or a Pro Wrestler. I don’t know what to call him, except Bad Actor. His last 4-5 fights have been a disgrace to the sport, to any sport for that matter. He has sustained ‘injuries’ in fights causing him to tap, only to show up a few weeks later ready to fight with no injury. I believe he has 4 fights scheduled in the next 2 months. This is a man who is only collecting paychecks, if you don’t believe me, watch his Super Fight League fight and the one just before that fiasco. If Sapp didn’t take a ‘dive’ in his last 4 fights, I don’t even know what to say, it’s disgraceful. Sapp is a charismatic guy, he had some ability and he has a solid career in Japan, he’s loved by the Japanese. He could make a good living off of his persona alone, plus he could make more in Professional Wrestling in Japan than he does fighting, the point is, he has tons of options away from fighting, or what he’s tried to pass of as fighting for the past 3 or 4 years, maybe even longer. Watch this promo for his next fight, it’s funny and strange and everything about it says Bob Sapp needs to stop it, right now. 21-23 is not a healthy record.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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