We never cover boxing, for a simple reason, we can’t trust the outcomes. From shady promoters, to shady refs, to even shadier judges, boxing has devolved into a sport of fixes and controversies. Sometimes, a fight is so ridiculous it begs to be covered.

I used to be a huge boxing fan, Jack Johnson, Lamotta, Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Graziano, Frazier, Floyd Patterson, Foreman, Smoking Joe Louis, Ali,  Sugar Ray Leonard, Spinks, Hagler, Chavez, Duran, Hearns, Tyson, those were the days that I found boxing exciting and much less corrupt.

These days, I only watch a boxing match for the sheer lunacy that inevitably results. Take this past weekends Rios vs. Chaves bout, I couldn’t stop laughing, seriously, I laughed from the first round until the guillotine attempt and the fight ending disqualification. Watch this nonsense and be entertained, WWE  ain’t got nothing on Boxing.

Rumble young man Rumble