jonesvsDC_postponedIn heartbreaking news today Jon Jones suffered  a torn meniscus in his knee, as well as a sprained ankle. Leading the much anticipated (quite the understatement) grudge match to be postponed until UFC 182 on Jan. 3rd. Alexander Gustafsson is understandably pissed off. Turns out he will be ready to fight by that date. Sadly for him, the UFC has DC booked, so we can expect some back lash from The Mauler. DC initially thought he was gonna lose his place back to Gustafsson, but Lorenzo Fertitta assured him he was safe, it’s his spot. Suck for Gus. 

This fight card went from looking at doing 1 million plus buys to maybe 100k. Sucks for all the other fighters on the card. The good news is, we expect Conor McGregor to step up his promo game and try to make this card  all about him. As we’ve seen in interviews, Conor is a team player, a company man if you will. He’s been laying a bit low while letting Jones and DC handle the heavy lifting, we think he will turn it up now.

A useless flyweight title fight between current champ Demetrious Johnson (20-2-1 MMA) and Chris Cariaso (17-5 MMA) is gonna take the place. Yay.

If you already bought tickets, the UFC is offering a refund.

Rumble young man Rumble