Brenneman’s Back! UFC on Versus 6

The last time we saw Charlie Brenneman he was filling in for an ousted Nate Marquardt and taking down the seemingly unstoppable Rick Story. He was Rocky, incarnate. The underdog facing his biggest challenge and winning. In the steel city of Pittsburgh. Local boy (from Hollidaysburg, PA) made good.

And now he’s back, on the main card of UFC on Versus 6, this Saturday, October 1st, to face Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who was originally slated to face Nate Marquardt but was replaced by Rick Story due to injury, making that bout “replacement vs. replacement.”

So, you could say that, strangely, things have come, if not quite full circle, certainly around in a way.

Brenneman’s victory over Rick Story shot him up the rankings, and justifiably so. He didn’t win by catching Story with a lucky punch. That can happen in MMA, of course, but that’s not what happened here. Brenneman beat Rick Story, by taking him down and dominating him on the mat. Rick Story. “On a 6-fight winning streak” Rick Story. It was quite a feat.

Winning the first season of Pros vs. Joes was nothing compared to this. We’re talking about a high school Spanish teacher winning at the highest levels of MMA. How often does something like that happen?!

He’ll need to put everything together again to emerge victorious when he faces Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, a powerful wrestler and solid striker who’s faced higher-level competition than Brenneman, having tangled with Josh Koscheck, Rich Clementi and Dan Hardy, who he beat in March.

But this is Charlie Brenneman we’re talking about here, and something tells me he’s up for it.

Ya Gotta LOVE Charlie Brenneman!