Brett Rogers gets 60 Days (yawn)

In a surprise to no one, except perhaps in the sentence’s brevity, a judge in St. Paul, Minnesota sentenced Ex-Strikeforce, etc. fighter Brett Rogers to 60 days in jail for felony third-degree assault on his wife, which was witnessed by neighbors and his children.

(Frankly, we would’ve published this a little earlier but we just can’t bring ourselves to care all that much about Brett Rogers. Domestic assault has that affect. But you’re here, reading this, so let’s just flesh the story out a bit, shall we?)

Rogers began his professional career in July 2005, going 10-0 before his first loss to Fedor Emelianenko in November 2009. He’s faced Andrei Arlovski, Alistair Overeem and Josh Barnett during his 15 fight career and is now in line to face the toughest guy in the St. Paul jail.

I’m not sure if this next word is necessary, but allegedly Rogers beat the snot out of his wife after a night of drinking, leaving her bloody, with one less tooth and a cauliflower ear, not to mention the emotional trauma caused to her and their children, who witnessed the beating.

Two felony counts (assault by strangulation and stalking) were dropped, as was a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment, apparently as part of a plea deal.

The judge gave him credit for time served for his 26 days awaiting trial, which leaves him with about two weeks (accounting for good behavior) before he is released. Two years’ probation and domestic abuse counseling program are part of the sentence, along with a ban on alcohol are part of the sentence. (Other sites have included a ban on drugs, but since drugs are illegal anyway, I decided not to include them in the last sentence. But then felt guilty about not including them, hence this aside.)

When he was arrested, Strikeforce released him. His last fight for the promotion was in June, when he lost to Josh Barnett as a part of the promotion’s heavyweight tournament. Since then, he’s had one bout, in September when he lost a split decision to Ex-UFC vet Eddie Sanchez at Titan FC 20.

His next fight is scheduled for Japan on Dream’s New Year’s Eve supercard, where he is to face a resurgent Tim Sylvia. As of this writing, there has been no official cancellation news.

Rogers has made statements of his love for his wife, family… She appears to be ready to attempt to put this horrible, ugly event behind her. But if I had my way, I would have her cornering Sylvia on NYE, giving him personal information to use in the bout against Rogers.


*NOTE: The yawn referenced in the title of this post refers to the unsurprising sentence for Rogers, not the domestic assault he was charged with. We here at MMA Rants Today believe that domestic assault, particularly man on woman (and even worse still, professional fighter on woman) assault to be one of the most heinous, despicable, deplorable crimes one could possibly commit, and in no way take it lightly. While we’re on the subject, I personally feel that 60 days is far too short of a sentence for a heavyweight professional MMA fighter who has competed this year at the top levels of the sport who is found guilty of domestic assault. Hell, if he’d hit another heavyweight fighter in public outside of a bout, I would expect at least 60 days!