Brett Rogers is still a scumbag in my book

Seriously, the wife, 2 neighbors and his own kids reported him for beating the holy sh!t out of his wife. That’s 5 credible witnesses, 5! There is no way that it was just a simple misunderstanding. The quote he gave about ‘marriages have their ups and downs’ is a complete cop out.

From InsideMMA:

“The situation that occurred, it happened and it was more of a misunderstanding when I look at it. The papers can write whatever but we still going through the legal process,” Rogers told Kruck with a straight face. “I’m confident that things are going to dropped, squared away and then we can move forward like we said. We’re a married couple, we have our ups and down just like everyone else.”

I’ve never beat my GF’s as part of our relationship ‘ups and downs’. I don’t recall my Dad beating my mother during their ‘ups and downs’. My Great Grandmother used to put a whooping on neighbors, bikers, and my Great Grandfather, but she’s a unique case, since it had nothing to do with ‘ups and down’s and more of her just generally having a dislike of people in general. How many of you have put a beating on your spouse during your ‘ups and downs’ ? I’m suspecting very very few.

I’ve had misunderstanding’s in my relationships, the time I tried to use the Dennis Rodman  ‘They fell from the ceiling’ excuse comes to mind as one, as does the time I got caught with the wrong twin sister or the time my ex GF’s mom offered to take care of the ‘heavy lifting’ as she felt her daughter wasn’t handling my sexual needs properly. Then there was the time I caught my ex GF in bed with another man, they were all just misunderstandings. (Not to mention, I didn’t go all John Wayne on the jackoff I caught banging my ex, when many many others would have beat them both) Those are misunderstandings, punching your wife in the face with toaster sized hands while your neighbors and kids watch is in no way a misunderstanding, unless you were unclear about how much damage you could inflict upon a defenseless human. Or you were teaching your kids the theory of mass in motion.

Regardless, Grimm the Wife Beater Rogers was able to weasel a plea deal, effectively exonerating himself in the eyes of the courts. Yay legal system. The information released states Rogers pled guilty today to a simple charge of third-degree assault, with the rest of the charges being dropped as a part of the deal. I say again, Yay legal system. The guy didn’t even get a felony, it will effectively be stripped from his record, he won’t have to tell potential employers. Yay legal system.

Does this sound like a misunderstanding? Or something the media, evil media, has blown out of proportion?


During the attack, his wife, Tiuana was momentarily rendered unconscious, had one of her teeth knocked out and was left bloodied and battered and with cauliflower ear as she fled the scene.

I’m almost unsure about putting this video on here, since it’s complete BS from beginning to end. I don’t blame his wife, she has kids to take care of. Who knows her education level and job prospects, raising kids without a decent income is quite difficult, just ask my parents. Given the same situation, I might make nice with my kids best interests at heart, regardless if it’s a bad decision, I’m hoping she’s staying with Grimm the Wife Beater Rogers for the greater good. Be prepared, the video below is complete spin control, any slimy politician (by any I mean all politicians) would be proud and impressed by the level of spin Grimm the Wife Beater Rogers and his capable team of lawyers put together.

Grimm the Wife Beater Rogers has a fight coming up, I won’t give any details cause I don’t want to promote him at all. The only way I will watch him fight is if it’s a highlight reel of him getting KO’d. Otherwise, As Cee Lo Green so eloquently put it “I wish you the best with a F23K you”.

That’s it!
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