Brett Rogers signs with Bellator…Stay Classy Viacom.

Brett Rogers is currently fighting Asplund in Bellator as I type this. Why the F23K would Viacom hire this guy? First Paul Daley, now ‘The alleged wife beater’. They are asking for problems with these two fighters. Rogers still has some residual issues hangin over his head because of his previous brush with the law over his ‘alleged spousal abuse’. He”s currently still with the Wife he’s accuse of beating, as well as the children who were present during the alleged beating. He’s been picked up for violating a restraining order, he’s got problems with his neighbors, his wife has problems with the neighbors, his children have been subjected to unbelievable trauma (not including the alleged physical truama) from the constant media attention and the police visits. This man is a walking time bomb of problems. Take out his ‘alleged wife and child beating’ and just look at the facts. He has a wife and children who he’ accused of beating, he has neighbors who have reported him for said abuse as well as other infractions. He’s still with the wife, has custody of said children…Something is going on there, too much is going there. The chances of something else happening which will lead to his inability to make a fight are huge, HUGE! I’m not down with his alleged abuse, but as a business man, he is a liability not worth taking on. Unfortunately he won tonight, and will continue to be part of Bellator’s roster until the inevitable happens.

Stay Classy Viacom.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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