Bruce Buffer is “ok” But….

Hey fight fans, It’s your main West Coast Cat daddy Nameo, aka “Nameo the Great” if your nasty! Back at ya once again. Shout out to Janet Jackson.. Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my last rant but I do front an awesome rock band & I get busy doing “Front Man” stuff sometimes..OK. On to this week’s rant.

I think Bruce Buffer is an OK ring announcer (he’s no Michael Buffer), but he has gotten better over the years and I find the “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto”  like turns he does while introducing the fighters pretty amusing but….“We are liiive”, “This is the Main Event of the Evening” and – Introducing first”, just doesn’t get me pumped up and excited like ….well his big brother’s “Are you ready to Rumble?”  Or the booming, animated, high pitch screeching and somewhat comical alveolar trill from the “Crazy Pride Lady” the one and only Ms. Lenne Hardt.  It’s impossible to do justice to the vocal stylizing of Lenne Hardt  in written form if you haven’t heard it for yourself, after you finish with this rant & all of the great articles on MMA Rants Today  go to YouTube and search for her by name or by “Female Pride Announcer” and several good videos come up. Seems I’m not the only fan of the “Crazy Pride Lady”, several cool Cats have put together compilations of her work. I’ve been a big fan since the first Pride event I seen and did not know she was not Japanese.  Lenne Hardt is actually an American voice actress. I am a big Anime fan and I had no idea that she also applies her vocal talent to Anime series and movies, as well as a Jazz Band from time to time.

With Pride gone, R.I.P, Dream on its last legs perhaps, I think the UFC should give Lenne Hardt a shot, also some pyrotechnics and the fighter’s roll call would be nice. With UFC’s Fox deal introducing a new audience to MMA how much more exciting would this past UFC on Fox 2 have been with these suggested added elements? I can hear Lenne now:  “FROM Niagara Falls A-MER-ICAaaaaa!  “SuGar RaaaaShaaaad  EV-ANS!”  That would have been Cool!  Maybe we should start an online petition to get Lenne Hardt to the UFC. We have UFC PPV’s, UFC on Fox, and UFC on Fuel TV, all live events, surely there is a place for the “Crazy Pride Lady” Right?

Until next time fight fans remember,

Nothing says; “Keep your dog’s poo off my lawn” like an Omoplata!

 Nameo The Great