Can we stop disrespecting Frankie Edgar already?

Dana white said at the UFC 150 Press Conference in Denver:

“I believe that he [Frankie Edgar] should be at 145 pounds. He doesn’t agree with me. To be honest, the fact that I believe he belongs at 145 pounds and the fact that he’s held the title and beat, if you look at the list of guys he’s beat at 155 pounds, the guy’s an incredible fighter, a tough durable guy, an amazing athlete, and man would he shine at 145 pounds, but he wants to stay at 55.”

The Champ is here.

He’s at 155 until he decides to make a move. What in his career makes everyone think he needs to move to 145? What fight was he destroyed in by the bigger guy? Tell me please, cause I’m a F23King loss here. The man is 14-2-1.

He did the unthinkable and beat BJ Penn 2x’s (I don’t think he won the first fight truly, but he certainly won the 2nd hands down), he KO’d Gray Maynard, beat Sean Sherk, Spencer Fisher, Mark Bocek, Hermes Franca, Tyson Griffin and Jim Miller. He has done it all while weighing 155lbs. Give the man his due, let him make his own choices, stop asking him if he’s gonna drop, or when he’s gonna drop. Stop telling him what he should and shouldn’t be doing. What he’s done speaks for itself. Now shut the F23K up and let the man be the man.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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