Can’t Keep Neil Grove Down!

Some things are meant to be, and no matter how hard we make it, no matter what obstacles we put in its way, it will happen, because it’s supposed to… at least, that’s how it seems sometimes. And Neil Grove in this season’s Bellator Heavyweight Tournament is that kind of thing.

He lost a close decision in the last round of the tournament, emerged relatively undamaged and ready, while his opponent had to bow out with a damaged orbital around his eye… But Bellator had a remedy for this, a bout to fill the now-vacant spot, which was won by Thiago Santos and so Grove looked to be out of the tournament.

But then, as if by fate, Santos’ opponent, Blagoi Ivanov had to bow out of the tournament and so we get the match that was never supposed to happen… Grove vs. Santos.

Neil Grove gets the opportunity to claim his place in the Heavyweight Tournament yet again, and to do that he must beat the man who took his place before, when he lost his place… Look, I’m not doing a great job at making this sound epic, so just know that Grove fights Santos for a spot in the finals and a chance at the $100,000 check and a title shot against another man who beat him, Cole Konrad. (I’ll work on making that sound epic if Grove gets that far…)

The point is: You can’t keep Neil Grove down!

DVR: This Saturday, October 29 on MTV2 or EPIX 2 HD…